Day 4

Woke up after the sun this morning about 6.30am. It was another very slow morning of working on vlogs, blogs and drinking lots of tea. Everyone was the same. I wasn’t feeling great but definitely not the flare I was in yesterday. Around 11am Kevin and I had a nice bath and we all had some lunch (I had the Amy’s teriyaki bowl which was delicious) before we finally headed out at 1pm.

We got an uber to the Bellagio and wandered through the lobby and conservatory (which is as usual just being decorated for Christmas.

We explored the Christmas shop – which has beautiful (but often large and expensive) decorations for sale,

and, of course, had to show Christy the worlds largest chocolate fountain.

We then walked through the hotel/shopping area to Starbucks. Where Kevin totally forget to order my green tea fruppacino with soy milk and no cream – which i couldn’t/drink it. We also found out that the water fountain shows didn’t start until 3pm – which was still 1.5 hours away.

We decided to continue our explorations by walking to Cesar’s Palace.

We love the feel of the shopping center there, just a shame (for us) that it’s all designer stores. We did have a quick stop in a Apple Store and a longer one at Bath & Body Works.

And we managed to find the world’s best saleslady at one of the island shops (which we never stop at) selling headphones (I broke mine on the way here). Anyway, we ended up with a whole lot of stuff – including two sets of headphones – one for myself, and one for Christy. The lady (from Ukraine) was persistent but not rude or nasty. After we had made our purchase she even came over to give me a hug – which I thought was very nice and genuine – since at this stage she obviously didn’t need to do that. Kevin wasn’t sure if the product was genuine or not but it seems to be (and I can’t really imagine Cesar’s Palace with all it’s luxury brand shops, allowing fake products to be sold there).

From here were we heading back out to the Strip but were all feeling tired and sore so opted for another rest at another Starbucks. This time I got a tea (in my own keepcup).

After resting up and checking that our new headphones worked, we went outside and walked along the Strip to the Bellagio. The sun had now set and all the lights were one – which is when Vegas really does shine.

We got back to the Bellagio just as the water fountain show started. Unfortunataly we got a dud one because it started late and we only got one very short song.

Of course, after we’d left and were crossing the road via on the overhead bridges we saw that it had started back up !! Maybe we’ll try and make it back another time. Not sure I’ve seen the show at night (certainly not in the last few years) and it was really pretty.

We visited CVS in the (unsuccessful) search for soy milk. Then had to walk quite the ways to get an uber back to the Wyndham. Poor Christy is in a bit of pain (we had tried to warn her about how much walking you did in Vegas but, of course, you can’t imagine until you are here).

We then had the oddest of uber drivers whose almost first comment was to tell us that more “poofs” live in Melbourne than Sydney – or vise versa – my mind was still spinning at his choice of words. Not sure if they were meant as an insult or not but it’s not a word I’ve really heard used since the 80s (when it was very much an insult). But why he had to tell us this anyway I have no idea !!! We then found out he was very pro gun, in fear of the government running the country like Nazi Germany. Not sure why an uber driver thinks all this is acceptable conversation to have with strangers. We were all very put off and Christy felt very offended.

We were happy to be back in our room and able to sit and put our feet up. Kevin and I had vegan pasta with that expensive marinara sauce and Christy had some mozerella sticks. About 8.30pm we all headed to bed for an earlier night.