Day 5 – Fashion Show Mall & KA

Kevin had a full planned at the conference and headed off before 8am.

Christy and I had a slow lazy morning. I yet again battled photos for my blog and Christy enjoyed a nice bath and chatting with Makalya.

Around 11am we finally got ourselves out the door and into an Uber to the Fashion Show Mall.

We had fun visiting shops including the Disney Store, Godiva, Attic Salt, and a Christmas decoration store.

We headed to the food court for a late lunch and a rest. Kevin met us there. I had this delicious falafel & hummus pita wrap.

We hit up a few more stores like Sketchers, Crocs and finally Macy’s – where we got Christy some shoes for her Engagement Party in Ohio.

By now we were all pretty tired and with sore feet, so ubered back to the apartment. The weather hadn’t been great today. It had rained on and off and the clouds were pretty low.

Unfortunately we only had about an hour to rest up before we had to head back downstairs to get another uber.

This time we were off to the MGM, where we grabbed a quick dinner in the food court. I didn’t really know what I felt like eating so just had some noodles. They were nice and plain so just the right thing. Christy was happy to have Garlic Knots again (though was horrified to find they were spicy due to some chilli flakes that were on them)., and Kevin had ginger beef & fried rice.

After dinner we headed to the KA theatre.

stopping in at the gift shop where Christy tried on this hat.

Our seats were closer than last year and while we all loved the show, for Kevin & myself at least it didn’t have the WOW factor of seeing certain things/acts for the first time (naturally). Such a good show though. Really not sure if I like Mystere or KA better as they are really so very different.

After the show if the long walk to the Uber pick up location and then back home. We stayed up for a little while before heading to bed. Can’t believe we’ve only got a few days left in Vegas.