Day 6 – Outlet & Target Shopping

I was up about 5.30am – in time to see a bit of the sunrise (really hoping we’ll get to see to nice ones on the cruise. I bet by now you’ll know that we had a lazy morning.

We headed about shortly before 11am, stopping to take some photos of the other side of the building view – towards the Rio (whose carpark you can see)…

and of the pool, which is sadly too cold to swim in….

We caught an uber of the the South Premium Outlet Mall.

I did a pretty poor just taking photos today so you might want to check out my vlog to “see” more of what we (though I’m pretty sure I did a bad job of vlogging as well – seems to be hard to do when you’re shopping). Anyway, we visited quite a few stores including Kipling (both Christy and myself got new bags), the Disney store, Lane Byrant (Christy bought some Winter tops), and some other stores we didn’t buy anything in. Also bought some PJs for Kevin.

Christy and I were suffering with sore feet (already) so it was time for a break and to have some lunch. I got this delicious falafel pita and Christy got a cheese melt from Subway.

After lunch we wandered though a few more shops (most were clothing/sporting goods so we weren’t really interested in them), and then got an uber to the closest Target.

Sadly these are the only photos I took. Looks like I’ll be needing to get a lot of screenshots from my vlog to include in my photobook. It can definitely be a challenge doing both video and photos at the same time. If only Kevin and Christy were more onboard !!! Oh well at least a lot of our memories do get documented.

We spent a good hour or so exploring Target – picking up some stocking stuffers. Then getting a few food supplies to tide us over the next few days. And some for the cruise – though I realized after we should have just gotten them in Fort Lauderdale (since we’ll be picking up some drinks to take on the cruise anyway).

Before leaving we got a drink from Starbucks. I got a vegan green tea frappacino – which I really enjoyed.

Back home to our rather messy apartment. I still need to film a haul for yesterday and todays purchases so things are scattered about. I’m definitely much more relaxed about the state of things when I’m on holidays!!

Kevin decided against going to the Rewind Party this evening. He went last year and it’s really not his cup of tea. It was around the time we decided to have nice bubble bath that I recalled it was our 27th Wedding Anniversary today. I guess that’s what happens when you lose track of the date. Plus I hadn’t expected him to be home tonight.

After our lovely bath I put a frozen pizza in the oven. But it was horrid (Daiya mushroom & garlic pizza). So instead we decided to get Uber Eats and I was so excited when I saw Chef Kenny listed as one of the options as I’ve heard wonderful things about his vegan restuarant.

I wanted to try Orange “chicken” since that’s not something we get in Australia and some spring rolls. Kevin chose crispy “beef” and some fried wontons. Which meant of course that we had way too much food. We decided to just have the spring rolls and wontons (since they tend to go soggy when reheated). Both were incredible. I also tried a small bowl of the orange chicken – which I hadn’t realized would be battered and fried. It was still nice but not amazing. We have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow – which is our last day in Vegas.

Christy also had a bath tonight (we are all loving that it’s so nice and big and deep), and then had some Amy’s mac n cheese for dinner.

Kevin and I headed to bed about 9pm.