Day 9 – A relaxing day in Fort Lauderdale

After a pretty good nights sleep I was pleased to find I awoke JUST as the sun was coming up over the horizon.

I enjoyed the sunrise from inside today as I worked on my blog and videos but I went outside every so often to take photos as the sun rose higher.

Our balcony/patio is by far the largest in this complex and we have such a lovely outlook. You can see how small most of them are – barely fitting a table and 2 chairs. So we definitely scored big time.

I had a few ideas of what we might do today but I was happy to just see how we both felt on the day. After such a big travel day/night and being such a lovely day we decided against heading out to explore the city. We did have to visit somewhere to pick up some supplies for the cruise – so we headed to Target. Before shopping we got a drink from Starbucks (with the intention of having a punctual lunch). We did our shopping and headed back to the hotel. We had thought about having lunch at the Sandbar Grill on site but then realized we had exactly the same view from our balcony. So we bought some salads and extras and made our own delicious lunch.

I had an Asian Salad with added sweet potato and Kevin had a cobb salad with add avocado. I do this kind of thing quite often when travelling and Kevin was surprised at how good it was. The secret really is adding something extra !!

After lunch we had planned to relax out on the deck and go for a swim in the pool (which is heated) but Kevin discovered I had failed to pack the swimwear he wears under his boardshorts. Which meant we had to go back to Target. He also wanted a precision screwdriver so he could fix the screen on my camera which was coming loose. We did this and bought a few items I hadn’t seen earlier. Then when we were in line to pay I saw a man ahead of us with 2 Thomas Kincade puzzles that I do not have. So went back to the toy department to find them. Then through check out.

We browsed a few more shops but didn’t buy anything else, then got our 4th Uber of the day back to the hotel. Then went for a lovely swim.

The water was so nice and warm and we enjoyed our time here – though Kevin did get a very small cut on his foot (though we now think it was from the room as I did the same thing the next morning).

After our swim we went back to our room. Kevin had a nap and you know what I did – blogged and vlogged. And there was a bit of dog stalking spotting.

Later in the evening we heated up our Amy’s meals and enjoyed dinner while watching some Vlogmas videos by the only youtuber we both quite enjoy – Charlotte Ruff.