Day 11 – Fibro flare at sea

Today was the first full day of our cruise but unfortunately I woke up in a lot of pain and with a bad headache. Kevin was kind enough to go and get me some soy milk (and himself a coffee) so I could make cups of tea (with my travel kettle).

It tried to write up blog posts but my head was so sore that I just ended up reading in bed for much of the day.

We even ended up missing breakfast but at 11.30am I dragged myself from the room and we went up Windjammers for an early lunch. We were actually able to get a table outside at the back of the ship – it was nice and quiet and the fresh air was lovely.

After lunch I spent the afternoon on the bed reading on my kindle.

At 5.30pm I dressed for dinner at Windjammers, since I did not feel up the dining at the restaurant, esp. since it was formal night. The tonight was French Night, but there was nothing much French about the vegan options were available.

Back in our room we found a sloth towel animal and our room all ready for bed. Still felt poorly and with a very sore head but thinking wishful thoughts that I will wake in the morning feeling so much better.

Nighttime photo by Kevin