Day 17 – Sailing & Snorkelling in Aruba

No alarm needed today as we were both awake before it. Kevin was a sweetie and went and got me milk for my tea again. And I took my time waking up.

Luckily I had showered last night because I misjudged the time to leave again this morning!! But since I only had to put on swimmers and finish packing for the day I didn’t need a lot of time. However, it turns out not only did I forget the tickets (though I think Kevin could also be blamed for this since he put in the safe), I also forgot the SD card for the go-pro – which means no underwater/fish photos or video – though of course you might be glad about that :-).

After the usual breakfast at Windjammers (today Kevin had fruit) we went assure for our cruise excursion. Of course the usual waiting around ensured but eventually we were onto the huge sailing cat – which was docked right across from Serenade.

It was a big yacht and pretty full. They did put the sails up, but continued to fun the motors. It all made Kevin a little bit sleepy.

Our first stop was to snorkel with some fish. I enjoyed it, thought there was lots of fish. But Kevin, who has scuba dived, wasn’t too impressed. And we have been spoiled with other locations that we have snorkelled. Still it was lovely to be back in the warm water of the Caribbean.

One thing we didn’t like was that one of the crew was feeding bread to attract fish, then scooping out one of the fish to feed to a pelican. I understand that’s what pelicans eat but it seemed wrong having a human collect the fish for them. We had actually been admiring the pelicans who were dive bombing for fish earlier.

From here were moved to the Antilla Wreck but Kevin & I just decided to stay onboard since the wreck was quite deep and the water choppy.

Next was our lunch stop at the Pelican Pier. Our boat pull up right alongside and we just right onto the pier.

The food (BBQ meat) was all pre-plated so I had to request a vegetarian plate. I gave Kevin my plantain since he loves it so much, and I ate the salad and polenta. It was nice but not especially filling. Kevin wished he also opted for the vegetarian plate.

We also had a bit of free time on the beach – barely 40mins – could have easily enjoyed another 30-60mins here. As it was we just had time for a short swim and lie on the sunlounges.

Then it was back on the cat for the trip back to the cruise port. So although we enjoyed our day (we both loved being out on the water) it definitely could have been a lot better. I feel I made a poor choice of tour. Anyway, lesson learned – unless there is no other option we should not book a cruise excursion ever again !!!

Back in our cabin we both showered and then headed to Windjammers for another feed – since lunch had been so light. I had another veggie burger and some fries (something I rarely feel like – maybe it was the fresh air and salt water) and Kevin also got a burger. We took them back to our room to enjoy.

Then Kevin had a little nap and I edited a vlog. We watched sailaway/sunset out on the balcony, which was nice.

Then I wrote up this very quick blog post before we went back to a late dinner at Windjammers.