Day 18 – A day spent in bed

Well, todays post will be short (and not so sweet). In the early hours of the morning I was up vomitting. I was also in a lot of pain so found it impossible to sleep.

In the morning, while the vomiting had ceased, I still felt nauseous with a lot of body pain. Thankfully I was able to sleep so spent the day in bed sleeping on and off for most it. By late afternoon I was able to read so the helped keep my mind off the pain.

We were docked in Caracao today and had to cancel our tour. I did say Kevin could go on his own but he chose to stay with me. I didn’t eat all but a few dry cookies all day, and sipped on some water or Sierra Mist (lemonade as it’s known in Australia).

We face-timed Athena in the afternoon. She has been accepted into the University of Canberra so is now starting to look at apartments to rent. We also texted with Christy – she is doing okay and still getting over the cold she picked up in Iowa.

Though I still wasn’t hungry, Kevin wanted me to try eating some dinner so he bought me a selection of foods he thought I might enjoy. I managed to eat some mashed potatoes, some baked potato and few bits of cheese and crackers.

I have been feeling better few gradually throughout the day so hopefully when I wake up in the morning I will be free of pain.