A “home” day

Today was Kevin’s last work day for this week and our last day in St Kilda and so I decided to have a day “at home” before the real part of the road trip begins. I took the opportunity to do some laundry (Kevin made up a great make- shift clothes line), paint my nails, start on packing and trying to catch up on blog posts and editing vlogs. I’d forgotten just how long it takes to edit a travel vlog so I’m not able to keep up with those on a daily basis.

We have been facetiming with the Groodles (and CHristy) at least once a day, which has been lovely and helped not to miss them so much. Today Christy sent us is this cute photo of them looking out the front window.

Breakfast was the “usual”, lunch was a packet vegan mushroom mac n cheese (which tastes better than it looks) and for dinner I made taco.

I got as much as possible packed tonight so we didn’t have too much to do in the morning. And we were treated to another storm – this one even made the city disappear.