A day in the Otways

I managed to get some sunrise photos today.

And when I went outside to get the camera 2 King Parrots came and landed on the handrail. Then almost immediately one flew on top of my head. I couldn’t believe it. But what an exciting start to the day. It’s Kevin & my 29th Wedding Anniversary so I asked him if he organised this as a surprise :-). The second parrot chased the other one off and also had a turn on my head !! Luckily I remembered we had granola so Kevin got them some to eat and I spent a long time hanging out with them while they had their breakfast.

We set out about 8am for our day to the Otways National Park. The first stop of the day was going to be the Californian Redwoods, but we rang into a bit  of a problem when we discovered that the road to it was closed/blocked. I had planned our whole day going in a loop and this really threw a spanner in the works – the main one being there was no way we could be at the Otway Fly for our treetop walk at 10.30am.

I realized we could change our day up and just do things in the reverse order – provided the two bookings could accomodate us. But, of course, we had no service so couldn’t phone anyone. None-the-less we finally made it to the Treetop adventure (one of the places owned by the company Kevin works for) and he was able to do the adventures climbs/ zippiness etc. We were the first ones to arrive and the girl who does the safety test every morning was just setting out so Kevin went with her for the first few courses. I wasn’t feeling the best so stayed in the car, enjoyed last nights leftovers for breakfast and read on my kindle. Apparently there was an area I could have watched from and would have done so if I’d known. Kevin tried to take some video but found it hard with having to hold on and do things as well. He came back to the car about one and half hours later absolutely wrecked but very proud to have done every course – even the Black one which is rated extremely hard.

There were lots of kookaburra’s around here and I managed to catch a few hanging out on some posts.

Next stop was a strawberry farm to pick our own strawberries. Neither of us had ever done this before and found it to be a fun activity. I loved that is was an organic farm so had flowers growing to help ward off pests. They also grow blue berries but they weren’t ready yet.

From here we headed to the NourishShed to pick up some lunch. They sold some local products and Kevin got himself quite a bit of soap. The staff here were lovely. We collected our lunch and drover on the California Redwoods – we were able to get to the them from the other side.

We had lunch sitting at a picnic table (my vegan wrap was ok – it was toasted and I would have preferred it not). But it was nice to sit outside and have a little “picnic” lunch. We then went to explore the forest. The trees are stunning. So tall. It was pretty magical wondering around the trunks and looking up at their branches.

From here it’s just a few minutes drive to Hopetoun Falls. The viewing platform is not far from the carpark and provides an okay view. The best is apparently from the bottom but neither of us were inclined to hike to the bottom…. And then back up. Kevin did decide to fly the drone though so we still got to see all of the falls.

Back in the car I was having fibro pains in my legs and Kevin was getting sore from his earlier endeavours so we decided to skip the last stop of the day – which was the Otway Fly that we were supposed to start our day with – and get started on our drive home.

We did end up making one last stop at a lookout. Kevin flew the drone again and he got a great selfie shot for us (and an even better one for the other couple you can see in our photo).

One and half ours later we had driven back through Apollo Bay and onto our accomodation. 

Before going upstairs we decided to head across the road to the beach. However we quickly realized just how far away (and downhill) the beach was and decided to give it a miss.

Instead Kevin took the drone out for a flight and I went around taking photos of all the beautiful flowers in the garden.

I washed up all our strawberries and we had some as a snack. They are SO GOOD. Just like the ones we used to grow at home many years ago. Dinner tonight was tacos again since we had enjoyed them so much last week. I was out of lettuce though (the horror) and had to improvise when some of the Asian salad mix had.

The day ended watching vlogs, having another lovely bath and enjoying another beautiful sunset.