Great Ocean Road wonders

Today started with another visit from a King Parrot. Just one today and it was much more timid so I don’t think it was one of the ones that were happy to land on my head. We put out some more granola, but since we were checking out today I didn’t really have time to watch him enjoy his breakfast. Later he did get some friends – and there was a bit more arguing over the food. A cockatoo is came in to see what was happening (and scared all the parrots off) only to fly off himself when he realized it was only granola.

By 9.30am we were packed up and continuing on our journey along the great ocean road. And it was a stunning day for it. The last time we made this trip in June 2008 it was freezing and raining. Today sunny and warm – 24C. Just perfect !!

We stopped first at the Gibson Steps – but just to see the view from the clifftop, not to walk down (& UP) 89 steps. The beach did look lovely and I’m sure you get an awesome view looking up at the sheer cliffs but I knew it would be a real  struggle coming back up the stairs (I’m just not that fit).

Next up the very famous 12 Apostles (though there are now actually only 8 Apostles standing. I can understand why it’s such a big attraction though as it really is stunning, esp. on a day like today with blue skies and white fluffy clouds. There was a guy here is a little dog in a back pack and it was adorable.

 We course took quite a few selfies before heading back to the car.

Next up was Loch Ard Gorge.

Another simply stunning location with a steep walk down to the beach. We had recently seen a few vloggers visit here so Kevin wanted to go to the beach – which he did while stayed at the top taking yet more photos and video. Kevin was again pretty wrecked by the time he reappeared so I was glad I hadn’t made the attempt.

From here we visited the Arch. You can’t really see through the gap at the first viewing area.. It’s much better from the second one which isn’t too much of a downhill walk. It’s definitely worth it.

London Bridge has fallen down but not been renamed. There is an arch here so I guess maybe that’s the new London Bridge. The original was still intact when we were here in 2008 but has since fallen into the sea. Luckily no-one was on it at the time but some people had to be rescued from the island.

We thought we had seen most of the attractions and even drove past the carpark the Bay of Martyrs (thinking it would be another big walk down to see anything) but as we drove past I could see the view from the carpark so made Kevin turn around and go back.

This was one stunning spot, possibly even better than the twelve apostles. The rocks seems redder and there are islands dotted about. It was also the only place we stopped at to not have a NO DRONES sign. So glad because from the air this place is just magical.

At about 2.30 we arrived in Warnambool and headed straight for the car wash. We especially wanted to get the windscreen cleaned, esp since I finally had the go-pro working. 

We then headed to our airbnb. Even though I had seen photos I was super impressed. It was bigger than I had imagined and had EVERYTHING you could wish/hope for. So many little touches. And beautifully decorated. I was glad we were here early enough to get to enjoy some time this afternoon. 

I made us an Asian Noodle salad with a veggie burger for lunch. I probably should have sat outside and enjoyed the backyard area but wanted to get some photos sorted.

Later, when it cooled down, Kevin lit the fire and we ordered in Noodle Box for dinner. I had ordered a vegan satay but was instead sent vegan black bean sauce. It was okay but not great (later when it had cooled, I discovered I really like it cold!!). Kevin enjoyed his choice – chicken with egg noodles).

Amazingly we can see the sunset from here – which was a lovely surprise. It’s not quite what we’ve had so far this trip but it was still nice. It was a strange night because just before 9pm we headed out for our the show at Flagstaff hill.

After having a look around the gift shop and waiting for our “departure time” we were given briefing and lanterns to lead us through the village to the stands were the shows takes place. We did this in 2008 but I couldn’t really remember it. We both enjoyed the show – which was a combination of video stories/images, a water screen and lighting – telling the stories of the indigenous people who lived here, the whalers and whaling  industry and finally the shipwreck of the Lock Ard. Definitely well worth staying up past our bedtime.

Luckily our accomodation is right in town so only 5mins (after walking back up the hill and to the car) we were back home and off to bed.