Staying in a Lighthouse Cottage

This morning it was again time to pack up and say goodbye to this lovely apartment. We didn’t rush but finished packing and were on the road around 9am.

By 9.30 we arrived in the very cute town of Port Fairy – which is the end of the Great Ocean Road. I had found a place to have breakfast that was a little surprise for Kevin – a crepeiry – LeCrepe Man of Belfast.  We managed to park right outside. It was pretty cold today so we opted to eat inside. 

We were the only people eating in – I’m guessing the place is still very much hurting during this pandemic. Kevin ordered a crepe with banana and Nutella – which he enjoyed but said was very sweet. I had “the vegan” – which was savoury and very tasty – but I only managed to eat about half of it.

After our crepes we went for a bit of a drive around the town – which is really lovely – and one I’d definitely like to spend more time exploring.

We did spot a few Goldens which was exciting.

We stopped at another lookout and took some beautiful photos. It was chilly out – as you can probably gather from Kevin wearing his hood. And it was definitely much to windy to fly the drone.

It was stunning drive to and from this lookout so definitely worth the drive.

At 11.30am we arrived in Portland and drove to the Maritime Museum. It was free and small but well worth a look around. Being that it was originally a whaling town there is a bit of information about that. They had a sperm whale skeleton which was washed up a few years back And a paper machete of the large Great White killed in Australia. So sad really. It’s life wasn’t in vain though as the original carcus was bought by Valeria Taylor – a marine scientist who studied it.

We had thought to hop on the cable tram here but due to covid you could only get on and off at the depot (so they could check vaccination status).

The trip took about an hour and had commentary throughout. We really enjoyed it and learned quite a lot about the city. Portland is very much a port city.

The highlight though would have to be seeing how they emptied the wood chips trucks !!

There was a brief stop at a whale viewing (during the season) spot and then back to the depot.

While on the tram we also received the (expected) news that our covid test was negative.

Before driving out to  Cape Bridgewater we stopped at Macs Hotel in town to pick up the keys to our accommodation. 15mins later we had arrived out at the lighthouse just in time for our 2pm tour.

We met with our guide, Gordan, who gave us a very thorough history of the lighthouse and it’s workings before we walked UP inside the lighthouse to see the light and have a walk around the outside.

From the top of lighthouse you can look down on all the cottages

There was quite the view from up there. Our tour ended about 3.30pm and we just walked over to the cottage we were staying out – Sunrise Cottage No.1.

We were staying in the Sunrise Cottage (on the right)

We were a little confused as people were using the gate to our place and walking right around it. And we had a group of students camping right at our back door !! We were quite thrown by this and not that pleased. But the cottage itself was cute and so old (built around 1840).

Since it was so cold and windy and had just started raining as we finished unloading the car, Kevin was very excited to get to light another REAL wood fire.  Because of the weather and lack of privacy outside we got settled in the lounge room in front of the fire. Later one of the adults from the camping group came over an apologised and said he’d get the kids to use another gate and try to keep away from our place. To be honest once we were inside and closed some doors we did not hear them.

I had a bath – which was enjoyable. Dinner tonight was some filled pasta and pasta sauce – Prepared by Kevin (wearing my robe since none were provided). How domesticated does he look with the oven gloves on? :-).

No YouTube here as no real internet available so we headed to bed around 8.30pm, before the sun had even set ! We did the silliest thing and didn’t think to stay up to see the lighthouse working !!!