Exploring the historic town of Burra

I awoke this morning not feeling too great. Luckily we weren’t in a hurry to get anywhere so I was able to take it easy and have a soak in the clawfoot bath. Luckily I did feel better after this. Breakfast was another salad roll (Kevin had some cereal).

By 10.30am we set off to the visitors centre. It was close enough to walk but we needed the car for todays outing so we drove. The lady there was super friendly and helpful. We purchased the Burra Passport which provides a list of places to visit and a key which you gives to entrance to some of them.

We headed off. Kevin missed the turn to our first stop so we visited the old Railway station instead. They are currently turning the train into a cafe – which is a awesome idea I think. This town has such a fascinating history

We then drove back to our intended first stop – the Bon Accord Mining Complex. We watched a video explaining the history of the mine. And then walked around to see artefacts that had been collected. 

Including some amazing old fire trucks.

You could also see down into mine shaft. We all know the horrendous working conditions that miners suffered back in the day, but I was shocked to hear that the one hour descent and ascent to their place in the mine was not paid for !!!

We then drove to the mine lookout. There were three stages of the mine here. Firstly underground – in search of copper which wasn’t really found, then a small open cut mine – again not much found, then in the 70s the big open cut mine – where they did actually find significant amounts of copper. The open cut is now filled with water, which is a stunning shade of turquoise.

Next we drove to a lookout over the town of Burra.

Then finally to the reconstructed Cornish pump house (the only one of it’s kind in the world).

We walked up to the top for another view of the mine.

We then drove around to visit a number of other sights

including the Police Lock up….

And Redruth Gaol…

One of the old homes we stopped had a little sparrow(?) sitting on a window ledge singing away. It was so cute. And not fazed by us in the least.

Kevin had had enough by now so we decided to call it a day and we headed back into town. The cafe I wanted to eat at was still closed but there was another one close by that offered to make me a vegan wrap.

We had a little look in the adjoining shop

Then went back to the airbnb. Kevin always likes to have extra relax/downtime on holidays but isn’t always able to fit it in. On this trip he has been able to, which I know he has enjoyed and appreciated. We watched from more YouTube and then Kevin had leftovers for dinner while I had some potatoes with Asian Noodle Salad.