Kauai Day 7 – Flying over Kauai & visiting the South Shore

Today started with one of the best sunrises we’ve had so far. My morning routine is pretty well established at this point. Go out on the lanai, take a photo and start a time lapse, put the kettle on, take my pain meds, make my cup of tea and enjoy while working on the previous days blog post. Repeating the last two steps a number of times.

After breakfast on the lanai we headed off to the airport, for another of this weeks highlights – a scenic air tour with airventures. We were booked in for 10am but were there early, as was the other party on our plane so we were able to leave a bit earlier. Kevin got to sit in the front, lucky for him because it was a little cramped in the back. That combined with the tight headphones, meant my fibro body was not too pleased. Luckily the views made up for any pain I was experiencing.

We opted to pay extra to get a gopro fitted to the planes wing for photos and video. The above are just a few of the 750 photos that it took on the one hour trip.

The plane trip was awesome. We flew right around the island (which we hadn’t expected) and over many of the places we had already visited this week. Flying out over the Na Pali coastline was incredible as you really see the steepness of the cliffs. Although we couldn’t get in and out of all the valleys that helicopters can, there was one we were able to fly into. The main reason I chose the plane instead of a helicopter was that you were guaranteed a window seat.

It was amazing seeing just how much of the island was covered in greenery over the red dirt. And SO MANY waterfalls – I honestly couldn’t count how many we saw. I highly, highly encourage anyone coming to Kauai to see it from the air esp. after you’ve already seen some of it from the ground. It was really cool identifying places that we’d already been and seeing it from a very different perspective.

Back down on the ground we collected the gopro card with our video and photos and set off on another Shaka guided tour – this time the Poipu and Koloa driving tour. First up was driving through this stunning tunnel of trees – which are Eucalyptus trees from Australia planted 150 years ago.

We then stopped in Old Koloa Town and had a stroll around. It’s a very cute little town but we aren’t much into shopping these days.

Though it wasn’t quite yet 12pm our planned lunch stop was in this town and luckily enough we were hungry. I was very excited to eat here.

I ordered the Baja Bowl and Kevin got Surfer Tacos and a Pineapple Express Smoothie. We made friends with some chickens while we waited. They only have two tables to eat at and they were occupied by people who had just finished a drink (I thought it rather rude they remained there while other people were ordering food to eat). The only other options were in the sun or at bird poo covered tables so we instead ate in the car. At least we had comfy seats. Kevin really enjoyed his lunch (which I forgot to photograph), mine was nice but a bit spicy for me. In the end I ate all the brown rice at the bottom and avoided the dressing. Felt good to eating something so healthy. And helps to balance the not so healthy treats we’ve been having.

With a too full belly (mine not Kevins) we stopped at a lovely little outdoor shopping center. We’d been hoping to get some underwear for Kevin from Tommy Bahamas but they didn’t have any – we’re actually not sure they still sell it which will make for a very sad Kevin.

We walked around the complex, having a browse in a few stores (the old me would have bought quite a few things). We then continued on with our tour.

Since this area is super touristy and FULL of resorts, Bobby (our guide) tells us stories about the old Hawaiian ways and people (like at Prince Kuhio Park) and stops at the few historical sites that are in the area.

Seeing as we have a rather impressive blow hole not far from our home I wasn’t too worried about seeing the Spouted Horn but since it was on our tour we decided to stop by. At least it was blowing somewhat so it was still good to see. I’m sure it’s really cool if you’ve never seen anything like it before.

Our tour then took around different locations – including beaches. We admired the gardens and (newer build) homes. I would like to have stopped at the beaches for a swim but parking was difficult and neither Kevin or I felt up to a big walk so we didn’t bother.

On the way home we stopped at Uncles Shave Ice (since I’d missed the one I’d planned back at Koloa Town). The staff here were lovely and the lady was chatting away to us. My shave ice had mango, watermelon and pina colada flavour with coconut milk. It was so good but a bit too big (they only sell one size). We sat in the car to eat them and then continued on home.

We got back about 3.30pm. I had wanted to go for a swim but Kevin wasn’t feeling the best so I waited for him. Then of course I didn’t end up going in.

Tonight we watched Lilo and Stitch as tomorrow we will be visiting the town used as inspiration for the movie. Kevin was kind enough to make the Gardein Chick’n and rice again while I was sorting out photos.