Day 15 – Fun at Kualoa Ranch

Even though I woke up after 6am and after the sunrise, I was still able to enjoy some of it from the lanai. Then I went back inside to sit in front of the fan and write up a blog post.

The water was potentially going to be off in our apartment between 8am and 5pm so we made sure to shower before 8am. Kevin had some pots of yoghurt for breakfast which he really enjoyed and I had pita bread with vegan mayo, cheese and red cabbage & butter lettuce – it was so good. Of course, I am still using my Aulani cup even though this place actually has reasonably sized mugs. I also packed a second pita bread for my lunch.

Around 9.30am we headed off on the short (about 12min) drive to Kualoa Ranch. We visited here back in 2017 and loved it so much we wanted to come back. However, we hadn’t counted on the fact that we’ve now seen the Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon, so while it is still beautiful here, it’s not as impressive as it was the last time.

We got checked in for our first tour of the day – Ocean Voyages. We did this last time and I really enjoyed the short trip out on the water. Of course, it had started sprinkling when we arrived but we were hopeful to avoid the rain.

Finally it was time to board the bus for the short ride over to our first boat trip – across the old Hawaiian fish pond (the wall of which is 800 years old).

Though we did manage to avoid the rain, there was no escaping the grey skies or the clouds on the mountains – though that did add its own magical beauty. It was still a nice little trip out and on the way back we spotted a couple of turtles.

While Kevin went to buy his lunch I found us a table outside (the same one we sat at last time) and made friends with one of the local zebra doves.

Kevin got some teriyaki chicken which he said was really good, but too big of a serve for him to eat. I enjoyed my packed lunch. Not sure what vegan options there would have been but I was glad I didn’t have to have a hot lunch as I thought it was too hot for that. Kevin tried to be nice by getting me some hot chips (fries).

I had a few, as did he, and we fed a few to local birds.

And you have a photo with the ranch sign.

At 12.30pm we headed over for our next tour on the ATV Raptors. This was new to us since last time we did the Movie Tour.

We got given our helmets and gators (since it was dusty) and then headed out. Kevin enjoyed driving and I was happy taking vidoes and photos. It was a lot of fun.

There were a few photo stops and stories/info given to us but I was really glad we’d done the movie tour first – definitely do that tour if you want to see more the movie making side of the ranch.

We did get to go to back of the ranch on this tour which was cool. But I did find I got dust in my eyes (even wearing my sunglasses) which wasn’t the most fun.

Now I knew I was a bit dusty but it wasn’t until I took my helmet and glasses off that I discovered just how dirty I was !!! And Kevin let me walk around like this.! I would have used the washing up area if I’d known – though there are no towels post pandemic so it may not have worked out well. No wonder I could feel dirt in my eyes.

Before leaving the ranch we picked up a nice little treat to enjoy on the way home. But instead we ended up having these while facetiming the puppies (and Christy) in the car. My frozen mango was just perfect on this hot (and dusty) afternoon. We went home via Foodland – which is past our accommodation – so Kevin could get some more yoghurts. Then it was time for a nice shower and to wash my hair for the second time today !! Ah, that feels so much better.

By now it had started to rain and it was nice listening to it along with the waves crashing onto the beach.

Later Kevin made us some Kite Hill pasta (which is vegan) with a vodka pasta sauce. It was so good !!! Afterwards I enjoyed the second half of the vegan carrot cake I got from Down to Earth. Kevin wasn’t keen so I got to have his piece. I loved it !!!