Day 16 – A day off in paradise

It’s going to be a nice short blog post for you today since it was (I believe) our first “day off”. We had no plans but to relax and enjoy a day in paradise. I know we had pool days at Aulani but we still had things to do on those days. Today = no plans.

I was pleased to be up before the sun today which mean I got to enjoy the swift sunrise that there was – thanks to lots of clouds. I sat on the lanai with my cup of tea. What a way to start the day !!

I enjoyed another pita bread for breakfast, spent time working on a blog post and “trying” to read – but the view kept on distracting me. Kevin had trouble sleeping last night so he went back to bed to try and get some more sleep – he was somewhat successful.

I spent some more time admiring this sweet little red crested cardinal – which I just learned are an invasive species. But they are so cute !!!

Today I made a salad for my lunch and a pita bread for Kevin – since he liked the look of mine.

After lunch Kevin took the drone out on a test flight.

We headed down to the beach around 2pm. You are spared lots of photos since the GoPro was mucking up so all I have to share from this experience is the few photos I took on the beach with my phone. The swim was awesome. The water was so nice and warm (for the ocean) and so clear. It was low tide which did mean not a lot sandy area before the rocks started, which would have been fine if I was wearing my water shoes. After our swim I ducked up to the resort outdoor shower and rinsed off before going back to the beach, where we sat in the beach chairs we’d bought down with us. I had planned on reading, but like this morning, it didn’t happen.

This honestly has to be THE perfect set up (for me at least). From our accomodation we walk across a nice grass lawn, down a short little path and then (at least at high tide) you could almost fall into the water. No big trudge down or up the beach. Then the nice fresh water shower close by. There is NO EXCUSE not to go the beach or have a swim here. And we are definitely going to fit in another one before we leave in the morning, because this location is just magical. Despite the rocky start we had with this airbnb, we have fallen in love with what it has offered us.

Back in our apartment I sat outside to try and (unsuccessfully) read, while Kevin flew the drone again. As you can see it is such a magical location. Hopefully they renovate the building to reflect the specialness of this place, which I know might be hard to do with such an old building. Pats At Punaluu was built in 1975. There also used to be a restaurant on/near the site where Elvis Presley once performed !!

I lay out on the lanai for some time (again unable to read). It was just so nice watching the palm trees in the breeze and listening to the waves breaking on the shore. Kevin join me for a little while and then we went inside for the weekly facetime chat with the kids (and Dan joined us this week which was nice).

We then cooked some dinner – hash browns (which took FOREVER – if anyone knows the secret to cooking these please let me know) – and cooked pineapple, and watched YouTube before heading to bed around 9pm. Thankfully I did manage to get a bit of reading done before falling asleep.