Day 2 – Feeling unwell in Vegas

Luckily the bed at the Rio is super comfy and we both had a really good nights sleep, not even waking up until after the sun was up.

I was REALLY wanting a cup of tea since the dry airconditioned air (plus smoke from last night) had given me a sore throat, and it was about 48 hours since I’d last had one. Kevin was kind enough to head downstairs to get us one from Starbucks. One hour later he returned. Definitely won’t be asking him to do that again, so hopefully we can find somewhere else to get a tea from.

It was Thanksgiving today so most things (away from the Strip) were closed and our only goal was get some groceries from Wholefoods. Of course, we could now only shop for drinks, snacks and breakfast.

We had very lazy relaxed morning. I downloaded photos & video and wrote up a blog post. Kevin played Pokemon, did some work and had a mid-morning sleep.

About 1pm we thought we’d best get a move along to Wholefoods as they were only open till 3pm. It took us some time to find the Uber pick up location but finally we were on our way. A quick 10 mins later we had arrived.

We only had an hour to get what we needed so we moved pretty quickly and were done in just over 30 mins. When we go back on Sunday we’ll have a better look around. At least we now have breakfast, snacks and some drinks.

Back at the Rio we had our lunch? (though it turns out we hadn’t had any breakfast). Unfortunately shortly after this I started to feel really unwell – body aches and pains, headache, etc. But it felt different to a fibro flare.

The remainder of the day was spent in bed reading, sleeping and watching some YouTube with Kevin.

Here’s hoping a feel better in the morning.