Day 3 – Sick in bed

After a rough night, sleeping on and off, the day continued in much the same vein. Obviously I was not well enough for our planned activities so they were abandoned.

Instead we stayed in bed. I slept on and off, enjoyed a nice hot bath (to sooth my body aches and pains) and read.

I didn’t even have much of an appetite and just drank half of the tea Kevin had gotten for me earlier (6 staff today at Starbucks instead of the 2 on yesterday). I did manage a bagel for breakfast

Lunch was some mango salsa and corn chips. The rest of the day was exactly like the first half, though my throat was getting sorer and my headaches more intense.

It’s been extra hard being sick and not having a kitchen. I really felt like soup tonight and eventually we found that one of my fav. vegan places, Chef Kenny’s, delivered, and I was able to get a Wonton Ramen Soup. Kevin had the Orange Chicken (which is delicious).