Day 5 – A change of “home”

While I’ve been feeling just that bit better each day, it has been a much slower process than I’d expected. Poor Kevin is still experiencing bad body pain and fatigue. Thankfully there was no problem to get a late check out. US$40 allowed us to stay until 4pm, when our room at the Wyndham Desert Blue would be available. Kevin is still sleeping a lot, so I spent most of the day reading, and even on my laptop . Still not much of an appetite – just 1/2 bagel for breakfast, then nothing else beside a banana.

The pups were getting groomed today so Christy facetimed with us when they were done. They look great. Much better than last time when they were clipped super short. Christy showed a photograph of what they normally look like post clip, which helped the groomer I’m sure.

About 3.30pm we started to pack up. It was pretty easy as we never fully unpacked in the first place (since I first felt unwell on our first day here). I must say it’s not been a fun time in Vegas so far…… So glad this was not our first visit.

We headed downstairs and opted to get a taxi instead of trekking over to where the uber pick up was. I knew the two places were close but I didn’t realize quite how close – in fact the Rio convention center carpark is right opposite the entrance to the Wyndham Desert Blue. Still, with our luggage and being sick a taxi was the best choice.

So happy to be back here again (such a shame we got mucked around with our first booking here). We love how nice and quiet it is, with no casino and no smoke, and absolutely NO LINE to check in !!

We got checked in and headed up to our room. We have a 2 bed presidential and it’s just lovely.

We are on the opposite side to our last stay and look over at Rio :-).

Kevin was feeling pretty bad again so lay down while I tried to do some unpacking. I didn’t get too far before we realized we should get some groceries ordered via instacart. Of course, that took way longer than expected as I’m not familiar with all the products AND there are so many vegan options. In the end I put together a rather odd order, but it took so long we decided to make the delivery for in the morning. This meant we still had to get in something for dinner. We decided on Chef Kenny’s Vegan again. Neither of us were hungry but I felt we should be trying to eat. I ordered a couple of appetizers to share. Fried dumplings, Edamame (which we didn’t end up eating) and lettuce wraps (which turned out to be what we’d call san choy bau). The dumplings were nice and the lettuce wraps perfect – lovely and fresh and light. I’d started dealing with an upset tummy so was hoping some proper food would help settle it down.

We watched some youtube in bed and I got some more unpacking done. Hopefully Kevin will feel a lot better in the morning so he can attend the AWS conference that we are here for…. (Spoiler – he felt worse).