Day 7 – An evening out in New York……no, Vegas

Today I didn’t wake up until 8am – which is unheard of for me – but I guess our sleep has been all over the place. Thankfully today was just a normal fibo. morning and I felt much more like my normal self.

The morning was spent working on yesterdays blog post and catching up on emails, etc. Kevin was still pretty under the weather and slept much of the morning. Christy facetimed with me just after 12pm – it’s always nice to see to pups and have a catch up with Christy.

Finally Kevin was awake so I was able to have my shower and get dressed. I even put on makeup today as we’re supposed to be going out tonight.

Lunch today with a microwaved sweet potato with some vegan queso sauce. It was decent, though not too pretty.

We watched a little youtube while having lunch and then Kevin went to have another sleep, while I actually did some tidying up – first time I’ve really felt motivated to do that. I also finished unpacking.

Around 4pm we had another instacart delivery – this time from Natural Grocers. This came in a big cardboard box instead of plastic bags, which was much better. Hopefully this will keep us going until we can get to some shops ourselves.

Shortly before 6pm we got ready for our night out. My “isolation” ends tomorrow, and Kevin’s the day after but with over AU$400 spent on tickets to see Mad Apple, we were not going to miss out. But we would just go to the show (not out for dinner as planned) and would wear our masks. Before leaving Kevin took this rather arty photo of my outfit.

We caught an uber around to New York New York and headed straight round to the theatre.

I thought it was great they had a bar set up as part of the set before the show, to create that New York vibe. I got some water and Kevin grabbed a water and coke, before making our way to our seats.

The show was different but really good – it was like little tastes of New York including some more traditional cirque acts with a magic act, comedian, dancing. I feel they did a good job with this show (much better than Run, which we saw on our last visit). It definitely wasn’t like a traditional cirque du soleil show. But I did still see acts I’d not seen before.

After the show we made our way out onto the street and had a short walk along the strip (just 5mins) to get to a CVS (pharmacy).

We pick up some supplies – Kevin was mainly wanting a throat spray and some tylenol (panadol). We marvelled that you could buy 1,000 capsules of tylenol, yet in Australia there is talk making panadol available only by prescription and I believe the biggest amount of any pain med you can buy over the counter is 48.

Trying to find an uber pick spot proved difficult, without having to walk miles through one of the hotels. We ended up crossing over the road, making a quick stop at an ABC store where Kevin picked up a wrap for his dinner, and finally spotted people getting out a cab, so grabbed that instead.

It was nice getting to drive along the strip at night and see some of the hotels. I don’t remember the Eiffel Tower being coloured red, white and blue before.

I just love staying here at the Wyndham Desert Blue. You get dropped off and pick up right outside the entrance, no crowds, no smoke or noise to deal with. A quick trip up the lift and you are in your room. It was 9.30pm by now so I was definitely ready for dinner. I had one of my Amy’s meals, which though doesn’t look best, sure did taste good. This was one I always loved the vegetarian version of, so was excited to see there is now a plant based one.

We watched some YouTube and then Kevin had a bath while I headed to bed to read.