Day 8 – We’ve had enough of Covid

Not a lot to write about today as we yet again, stayed in. Though I’m now past my recommended quarantine time, Kevin wasn’t feeling too great and was very tired.

We started the day doing a covid test. Since I’m feeling pretty much back to “normal” I thought I would test negative but that wasn’t the case.

I did get up and dressed again as I am so sick of lying in bed (& also sitting on the couch).

Later in the afternoon Kevin & I watched some YouTube

before watching, which pretty good.

Hopefully tomorrow (for our second last day in Vegas) we’ll be able to venture out and see some of the sights. Then I’ve basically decided that it’s Holiday Take 2 on Saturday when we fly to Orlando.

As we were heading to bed I got to facetime with Christy and the pups. Christy was about to start packing as it’s almost time for her to fly over and join us.