Day 17 – Day off from the parks

This morning I slept in till 8am, Christy and Kevin waking up sometime after 9am. It was quite clear we needed a day off from the parks. I sat outside on our balcony for a while working on blog posts.

We totally lazed the morning away and didn’t even start getting ready until almost 12pm.

We had thought we might get to World of Disney in Disney Springs around 10am when it opened. As you know that did not happen. So when we finally arrived at Disney Springs it was BUSY. I did plan to avoid going on a Saturday but I thought maybe it wouldn’t get too busy until late afternoon. I was WRONG.

We tried a couple of places for lunch but they were too busy/booked until 2.40pm so after walking around a bit (but not too far) we ended up with the only thing we could find that had a short/no line – Poutine. Basically hot chips with gravy and cheese curds. Kevin & I shared (I just didn’t eat the cheese curds). It was nice but I think we were both just grateful for some food (since we hadn’t had breakfast – only tea and cookies earlier).

With some food in our bellies but all of us still feeling sore and tired, we headed into World of Disney. But boy was it busy. We picked up a few items but quickly realized NONE of us were having fun in such a busy store so Kevin did mobile check out and we quickly cleared out of there. We’ll come back during the week when it should be a lot quieter. This is what happens when you go off your plan !!

Christy went to sit and wait for us but Kevin was on mission to get a candy apple and needed to find Goofy’s Kitchen for him. Which we did and we secured his apple so he was a happy boy.

We made our way back to Christy and then the car, glad to out of the place. Visiting Disney Springs was definitely a waste of (fibro) spoons todays.

Back at the resort Kevin and I visited the Petite Cafe and picked up some yummy treats. Kevin chose the lemon cheesecake and I chose lemon mandalines. Doesn’t everything look delicious?

Back in our room Kevin had a sleep while I sat outside finishing a blog post and working on a vlog. Around 5pm we finally headed down for a swim – I really need to get myself down there earlier. It was a lovely of day though – right on golden hour. We enjoyed a short swim – since the sun had already dissappeared around the side of the building – and then went in the spa – which was very nice. No photos from the spa though as there were 2 other couples in it.

Around 6pm we went back up to the room. Kevin cooked us the Gardein Mandarin chicken again tonight – it’s always such a yummy meal. We ended up watching a few hours of YouTube tonight while I also tried to get my video sorted so I could make a little into for the Universal vlogs. I also read a bit so didn’t end up going to sleep until around 10pm.