Day 19 – Having lunch in space

I woke in time to write up yesterdays blog post and be ready to leave shortly after 8am, dropping into the Piatto Cafe to pick up a bagel for Christy’s breakfast. Though I had packed breakie for both Kevin & myself, he decided to get a muffin as well.

Since we were going to the front EPCOT today we thought we’d take the bus instead of the skyliner. But after walking all the way the bus stop discovered it only operates with the skyliner is done (if it get very windy). So then not only did we have to walk from the back to the front of EPCOT, but also back all the way the skyliner. So much for saving some effort.

So it back on the skyliner and a walk through EPCOT to the Land Pavilion, where we went of Living with the Land again.

We then had a little break as Kevin wasn’t feeling too well. And then used a DAS pass for Soarin’. We were at the far edge of the theatre, which we’ve never been before, but it meant some of the images were warped – we had a leaning Eiffel tower !! Still a fun ride though and I just love the smells that you get.

It was then time for our first ever ride on Guardians’ of the Galaxy. We had paid $16 each for a Lightening Lane pass since our free ride wasn’t till an estimated 3.30pm when we weren’t planning to be in the parks.

We all LOVED this ride. It was so fun. Highly recommend. I think I might even like this more than rock n roller coaster.

Time for Kevin and Christy to do Mission Space. They even went on the rougher, more vomit inducing version. I waited for them in the exit area where there are some nice comfy seats to sit on – and areas for kids to play.

After this we had a bit of time before our lunch reservation at Space 220. So we found a bench to sit on for a bit before it was time for our trip into space.

Because this place has a fixed price for a two course meal of US$55 we only made a booking for Kevin and myself. But we thought it worth asking if Christy could still join us even though she wouldn’t be eating. There was no problem once we mentioned she has an eating disorder.

Our booking was for 12pm which was right when it opened – which worked out great since we checked in right away. We then caught our lift up into space. Such a fun concept. Kevin and I knew what to expect after having seen it on vlogs but it was all a surprise to Christy.

Looking down towards EPCOT
Looking up towards the Space Station

But seeing the restaurant in person was even more impressive.

And I was so pleased to be given a table by the window (thanks to Christy as the tables for 2 are further back).

We placed our order with our lovely waitress. Christy actually decided to order the mac n cheese from the kids menu (again no issue here – Disney are super great like this). While we waited for our first course every so often you’d see a space craft or people out the window.

It wasn’t too long before our starters arrived. Kevin had calamari and I had the beet salad.

Then for our mains Kevin had the chicken (since our waitress had recommended it) and I had the vegan stuffed shells. Everything was delicious, including Christy’s mac n cheese.

Christy’s second course was a cupcake and we were bought one as an anniversary treat (which I thought was such a lovely touch – we had been offered a glass of champagne). Though we were pretty full we managed to eat most of it – and it was really delicious.

After our short time in space it was time to return to earth and go for a second ride on Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind – this time using the free booking that Kevin had managed to secure and ended up being a 1pm boarding group (they give you an hour to return). We had still have a bit of wait though, but it was through the main line which meant we got to see more of the background story of the ride. We really enjoyed this again. Such a smooth ride.

Then it was time for to ride Test Track. Kevin and Christy had fun designing the cars. Not quite sure was Kevin was thinking with his design !!

Most surprising was that after testing the car it actually performed pretty well ?!

We were all needing a decent rest/ sit down now but rather than return to the resort for a few hours we decided to rest up at the DVC lounge and finish up the day earlier. On our way Kevin bought himself a gingerbread milkshake with vodka cream (one of the xmas specials). We had to laugh when we saw the saw the size of it versus the cost of it !! He did enjoy it luckily.

Unfortunately we we got the check in for the lounge there was a wait so we found a spot to sit outside. It actually was a really nice spot (outside the exit to Journey into Imagination – which we don’t bother to ride). It was quite and there were some lovely flowers and water features.

We only wait about 10-15 before we were called back. There are quite a few stairs to climb to the lounge (if I’d known I’d have opted for the lift). By the time we got to the top and were shown to seats, I was quite devastated to discover there was no toilet here and I’d have to go back down and around the front of the ride. However, I did come across Winnie the Pooh hanging out in the garden so that partly made up for it.

After a rest up I was in a better mood (and less pain) but I still forgot to get photos of the area. You get free softdrinks/tea/coffee while you are here and some little packets of cookies.

We stopped by the EPCOT Christmas tree for a quick

First stop was Mexico. We went on the ride and then had a look around some of the stalls/shops. I just love into here.

Then it was on to Norway.

And finally a ride on Frozen Ever After. It was open on our last trip in 2016 but the lines were always too long so we never got on it. Even with our DAS pass the line was pretty long and we waited around 15-20 mins I’d guess, in a crowded and noisy line. The ride was cute though and it obviously been many years since we’d riden Maelstrom so didn’t remember all of the features of the ride. Kevin bought himself a snack from the bakery before wwe moved on.

By the time we got to China I was in quite a bit of pain so opted for a sit down (with Kevin) while Christy went to check out the shop.

The sun was just starting to set now (5.30pm) so all the lights were coming on, which is when I think World Showcase is at its most magical – and also at its most busy !!!

Next up was Germany where we checked out the shops. Problem with us being minimalists is though we enjoy having a look, we don’t really buy much (which is also a good thing).

It was now almost full dark, though the phone camera makes it look a lot brighter.

We looked through more shops in Italy….

Japan… which sadly didn’t have any of the small dishes/bowls I was wanting to buy (I always get some here),

walked past Morocco as we were flagging by now…

Though it was busy a LOT of people were in line for the Candlelight Processional so it wasn’t too bad.

We finally had a look through the shops in France.

I been wanting to buy dinner from one of the Festival booths but the lines were just too long – even though Kevin had offered to wait in line – Christy and I were REALLY wanting to be back home and OFF our feet. So we headed for the exit and our last skyliner trip of the holiday. Back at the Riviera Kevin and I went via the piatto cafe to get some dinner. We did a mobile order and should have chosen to get it ready right as we got off the skyliner so it would have just been ready for us to collect. Instead we had another short wait (though I ended up going up to the room about 2 mins before it was ready). Everyone was so grateful to finally get off their feet. All my legs were hurting – both from walking pain, and fibro pain.

After enjoying dinner (veggie kebabs again) while watching YouTube, I went had a soak in the bath before taking some extra pain meds (since I was still in pain). It was a very good but I definitely overdid it. Just hope I’m not paying the price tomorrow. At least we can sleep/lie in a bit since it’s check out / transfer day.