Day 21 – Disney Springs and a new Cirque show

After going to bed in the early hours of the morning I was definitely the first one up about 7.30am (giving me about 5.5 hours sleep). Kevin and Christy woke around 10am but we still lazed the morning away until after midday when we finally got out the door and headed to Disney Springs.

Thankfully it was SOOOO much quieter than on Saturday. Our first, and most important stop, was World of Disney. And this time we could move freely and have room to actually look at everything. I ended up buying a mug and Kevin got a backpack to replace the one he’s been using at the parks – which is falling apart.

After doing mobile checkout we took some photos…

before going into Basin – which always smells so amazing.

We spent some time smelling different bath bombs and other bath products. We also used the scrub to wash our hands.

After making a very purchases we wandered through more stores, stopping at this great little photo pass place.

I also spotted a gorgeous little Golden puppy who was training to be a service dog. We made a few purchases including a nice dress that will be part of Christy’s xmas gift.

At 2.20pm we made our way to the Rainforest Cafe for our 2.30pm lunch booking. Though I asked for a quiet table, the restaurant was at about 50% capacity and not noisy at all (which was great).

The only noisy time was during the thunderstorm when all the animals make noise.

We had a lovely waitress who was pleased to learn we were loyal visitors (we always have lunch here during our trips). I ordered my usual China Island Chicken Salad without the chicken, Kevin order steak and raviolli and Christy had a kids toasted cheese sandwich with mashed potatoes. We all loved our meals.

After lunch it was time for some more shopping, starting with the Art of Disney, where we bought 2 prints – a Thomas Kincade 50th celebration and one by a new to us artist, Rob Kaz, who was there and able to sign the print for us. I just love the style of his work.

Next was the Christmas shop but we’re all a little disappointed or maybe we’re just more discerning, and aren’t finding much that we want to buy.

Christy wanted to visit the Lego Store so I had a little sitdown while she went inside and Kevin went to get a drink from Starbucks. We also stopped in at Erin McKenna’s (vegan) bakery but I was too full post lunch to think about eating anything from here. We’ll just have to come back.

We then slowly made our way right to the other end of Disney Springs, with me stopping to take photos of everything, including the special themed Christmas trees.

Finally we got the Cirque du Soliel big tent. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait to long to enter, but we did have a bit of wait until we could go our seats. Kevin got me a drink and we found a spot to sit while we waited.

Eventually we were let into the theatre and it wasn’t long before there was some pre-show entertainment. I took a few photos here since we were not allowed during the show (I think).

The show was fabulous. I wasn’t sure what to expect as ticket sales don’t seem to be as good as expected (from what I know) but it was incredible. I always come away from a cirque show saying I haven’t seen that before. This show was very female heavy with performers doing things in fancy flowing skirts that you usually see guys doing. I’m sad I could film any because I’d love to rewatch – I can probably find some clips on YouTube.

When we came out of the theatre it was dark and Disney Springs was all lit up and looking beautiful. It was also noticeably busier than it had been at 5pm (it was now after 7pm).

We also came across a great performer who was playing the didgeridoo and guiter (he’s American, we checked). I’d be happy to see his whole “show” if we get the chance.

As we were driving back to the resort I looked up what time the fireworks were going to be on. It was 9.10 and they were going to be at 9.15pm. Thinking we might be able to see them from outside the resort entrance, Kevin dropped us off before going to find a parking spot. When we heard the piped in music we knew we were in the right place and, though the music was soft and we couldn’t see the castle, we certainly had a wonderful display of fireworks – without the need to stake out a spot or battle the crowds.

When they were finished we headed up to our room. I microwaved some dinners we had bought had wholefoods the other day and we ate them (in bed) while watching some YouTube. I then tried to get my book finished but was too tired and couldn’t quite manage it.