Day 24

I woke up around 6am in time to film the sunrise – which was a really lovely one today.

I wrote blog posts and edited a vlog. We had no park plans today (being Saturday) so had a relaxed, easy morning. Christy headed off for a day at the Animal Kingdom since she only has a few days left. Kevin went over to the Contempo Cafe to buy some breakfast. They had sides of potatoes so that’s what I had – and they were delicious.

We did’t headed out until 12pm. driving to Publix to get a few dinners and some more breakfast supplies. We were in and out pretty quickly and back to the resort. We just put things away and headed straight out and over to the Contemporary to get a monorail to the Polynesian Resort.

We will be back here on Christmas Day since we have last breakfast booking at Ohana’s. The plan had been to go to the Tambu Lounge for some lunch – but it was really busy. We then tried the Kona Cafe but it was already closed (around 2.30pm).

Not sure what to do we explored the resort and came across Captain Cooks quick service. My notes said it was recommended and that they had a tofu noodle dish. So we found a table outside and Kevin went into to place the order.

It was actually a really lovely place to just hang out (though we were informed that the seating is reserved for the Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace after 3pm). Kevin had some meatballs with rice which he enjoyed. My meal was quite nice and I ate about half of it.

When 3pm rolled around Kevin ordered a drink.

He had a Dark & Tropical Stormy. It took me a minute to work out why the umbrella was inside out – what a cute touch !

We wandered around some more – taking photos of this lovely resort – and checking out some more shops. Unfortunately I don’t think we were the only ones who sort to do a monorail resort tour today !!

We got in line for the monorail to the Grand Floridian. This is probably the most stunning resort on property, especially at Christmas time. So many tree and wreaths and garlands. But it was busy.

The main lobby tree is huge and just incredible.

The pianist was playing while we were there getting some photos taken by the tree.

We did have a bit of wait for the photographer but he was trying to take special photos for everyone and was rather creative, so it was worth the extra time.

We also went to see the Gingerbread House – which is gorgeous – and big enough that they sell gingerbread treats from inside it.

This really a resort you should visit at Christmas Time. Photos do not do it justice.

We had planned to have a drink at the Enchanted Rose but the line was out the door. Obviously my planning did not work out well today but we still got to see all the decorations so that was the main thing.

When we saw the line for the monorail we debated trying to walk back but decided to just wait. Luckily the line moved quickly and we only hate to wait for the second monorail before we were on our way back to the Contemporary and our room.

Even though it was just 5pm we got on/into bed with a cup of tea and a snack of salsa and corn chips and watched some YouTube. Later Kevin made us Mandarin Chick’n for dinner. Christy got back around 8pm just as we were finishing up with the TV. I read for a bit before going to sleep, only to be awoken at 10.05pm by the Electrical Water Pageant, which I could actually see out the window. I would have gone out on the verandah but I didn’t want to wake up Kevin by opening the doors.

It only goes for a few minutes and we cute to see. Not sure if I’d go to the effort to see it from down by the lake at this time of night – but if you’re up and about it would probably be nice. I remember taking the kids (though Christy was only a baby) to see it from the Wilderness Lodge when we stayed there in 2002.