Day 26 – Shopping & Moving to Kidani Village

I was pleased to be up before 7am and able to see the sunrise. It was gorgeous this morning. My fibro was acting up again so I stayed in bed as long as possible but at 9am it was time to get up and in the shower so I could get packed. Today was another transfer day. Thankfully packing gets that bit easier and quicker each time and we had called for our bags to be picked up just after 10.30am. Christy had headed off earlier for a day at the Animal Kingdom (since today is her last day here).

We arrived at Disney Springs just on 11am as there were a few shops we were yet to visit. It was busier than expected but nothing like the Saturday that we were here.

After a stop at Erin McKenna’s (vegan) bakery to buy a slice of chocolate cake for me and a pineapple upside down cake for Kevin, we had a quick look in World of Disney, before heading back to the car and driving to the Vineland Premium Outlets where we parked in the multi-story carpark

. Our first stop the Disney Character store where I got a beanie (non-disney related) and picked up a Halloween decor piece for Athena and possibly myself (if Christy doesn’t want it – which she doens’t).

We then had lunch in the foodcourt. I wasn’t feeling too great at this point so I asked Kevin to get me a veggie phillycheese steak – which I’ve had many times before. However Kevin said the server didn’t really know what he was talking about (even though it was on their online menu) but could make it. However when we opened them up both had meat – one chicken and one beef. There was a huge line so I wasn’t making Kevin go back. Luckily they serve it open so I was able to put the two salad halves together with some hot chips. Turned out delicious and was the perfect lunch.

Kevin saw these pups in the food court.

While I was waiting I had been looking at what other stores I might want to check out and found Kipling. I couldn’t find the Sketchers store (which was the whole reason we had come here) but we checked on the map outside and it showed where it was. We walked around to it and spent quite a bit time but eventually found 2 pairs of sketchers for Kevin (both go walks which I rave about).

We then went to Kipling and I came out with 3 bags !!! One to replace the blue one I’ve been using (which just doesn’t go with any of my clothes but is the perfect travel bag otherwise). I also got a new dog walking bag and one for if I’m just carrying my phone (which I don’t do too often but will be great when I don’t have pockets in my clothes – which is most of the time).

We found a spot to park, nice and close to the lift and carried in our shopping bags (well Kevin carried them in), and found our room. It is lovely. Perfectly themed and HUGE – esp our bathroom which could host a party !

When then headed back to the car and headed over to Kidani Village (next to the Animal Kingdom Lodge) where we are staying for the next 6 nights. As we were driving up to it Kevin got a text with our room number. It was 3pm and we were thrilled to be able to go straight to our room. We had also been told to park in the Rafiki section as this place is HUGE !!!!

There is the view from our room and balcony, overlooking the savannah. No animals when we arrived but I’m sure will see plenty while we are here.

I was right. Loved watching the giraffes eating on the ground – they remind us of Kenai trying to eat with long legs.

I got unpacked (for the final time this trip)We opted to do another instacart order instead of going out to the grocery store but it always take so long as the website isn’t easy to navigate. Christy returned home from her day out and caught us up on her adventures.

Kevin had to go to the Kidarni lobby to collect our groceries and took a photo while he was there. If I’d been better it would have been good to for a walk to see it and Animal Kingdom lodge but we’ll get there sometime.

Around dusk we saw more animals. For dinner tonight I cooked Kevin & I a Japanese Sweet Potato (which I love and Kevin hasn’t had before) which I served with a packet salad with a peanut sauce. Kevin was impressed !!

We watched YouTube, Christy had a bath and I read for a bit before going to sleep.