Day 29

I woke up this morning around 6.30am. No great sunrise since it’s still very overcast today.

Kevin wasn’t feeling good today so I spent the morning working on yesterdays blog post and looking at the animals outside. I also did a bit of tidying. I have no idea what happens on holidays. I just DON”T care about the mess – at least not enough that it bothers me like it would at home. It’s very strange. I really had good intentions for this trip but I think it’s just because things don’t have proper homes that makes it very hard.

At 12.30pm the sun tried, unsuccessfully, to come out from behind the clouds. And I moved on to doing some reading. Since we had an early dinner planned and it was past lunchtime, we had a light lunch of some egg rolls (which I did not like – they were substituted in our instacart order the other day.

Kevin had had a couple of bath already today but at 3pm I finally dragged myself to the shower to get ready for our 3rd and last Christmas Party. As we walked towards reception Kevin realized he didn’t have ears in (as he says) ie. didn’t have his hearing aids. So he went back to get them while I checked out one of the outdoor viewing areas they have here.

Once he returned we walked to the bus stop to catch the bus to the Magic Kingdom. It’s been really good not having had to drive to any of the parks – while it’s not bad on arrival, at the end of the day/night, when your feet are very sore, it’s not the best.

Unfortunately as we arrived at the Magic Kingdom it had started sprinkling. It wasn’t too bad though and we managed without our rain jackets. Since we arrived earlier than we had for the other parties, at 4.30pm, there was a line up to get in.

But it wasn’t too long before we were in the park and our party wristbands (which they check A LOT between park closing at 6pm and the official party start time of 7pm.

We used the party entrance, which runs behind main street, and collected another xmas ornament (we are going to give the spare ones away).

We wanted to have dinner at Pinocchio’s Village Haus, which closed at 5pm, so we headed there first, and managed to get a table up against the table that looks over the It’s a Small World loading area.

Kevin did a mobile order for our shared dinner of tomato soup and cheese flatbread. Both were delicious though Kevin (who still wasn’t feeling and was suffered with some dizzy spells) had more of the soup and I had more of the pizza. Love this fast service. There is lots of seating (more upstairs if you need it) and if you eat an off time (which is what we always do) it’s nice and quiet.

We had managed to get a DAS pass for Seven Dwarves Mine Ride – which we were very excited about but it wasn’t yet time so we went to watch Mickey’s Philharmagic, which we always enjoy.

Then time for our first ride on Seven Dwarves – and we even managed to get front row. Which was great for viewing but maybe not the best for the experience. It was a cute and fun ride – we really enjoyed it – and now understand why it’s a crowd fav.

Time for another ride on the Haunted Mansion. We had a DAS pass but didn’t really need since we between 6 & 7pm. Not sure exactly where the camera is on this ride but at least we worked out the general area.

While it wasn’t raining anymore, the ground was still very wet and giving off great relfections in the evening light. We took some nice photos as we walked over to Big Thunder.

Next up another ride on Big Thunder.

Then pirates.

As we were leaving I spotted Captain Jack – with a very short line for photographs – I think he must have just arrived. I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a photo with him (though I may have) so I was excited.

It was then time for a little rest while we ate some of the popcorn that Kevin had bought earlier. We then went back to Fantasy Land to ride Small World – from the back row this time. We always spot different things on the ride.

And just as our ride was finishing the clock opened up since it was 8pm.

Time for a second ride on Seven Dwarves – this time in the back row – which we preferred.

I was getting rather sore by now and not sure how much more I wanted to do. But seeing this cute puppy cheered me up (oh, ok, so I followed this cute little puppy).

Time for one last ride on the People Mover – always love how long it is and the great views you get from here.

We weren’t sure what to do next and with not feeling great and having all everything we wanted to we decided to just finish up. However, on the way back to Main Street we decided to stop and have a hot chocolate at the same place we did the other night. And as a bonus we got to kinda see the parade again.

Once the parade has passed by we waited another 10 or so minutes to let the crowds disperse and then went into the shops (I was wanting to exchange sizes on a t-shirt I bought but they didn’t have that size left). Time to say our farewells to Main Street and Disneyworld for this trip. We will be back in a few years.

We walked back to the bus stop and then had the 20mins or so ride back the resort. I quick photo stop in the lobby and then on our room and into bed. Funny thing was we both ended up wide awake so watched some vlogs and then read until about 11pm.