Day 30

I’ve been very (fibro) sore the last days and it’s been lasting well into late morning. Not sure if I overdid it one day and set off a flare or if body has just had enough (after the last few weeks).

It was a lovely morning outside today – blue skies and white fluffy clouds – which I wanted to enjoy. But by the time we headed out at it almost clouded over.

We decided to take a detour on our way to the car to go check out the pool area. It’s in a funny location kind of across the road on the other side to the savannah. Since it was coolish today there were only a handful of kids in the pool and spa. I’m sure it would be a nice place to hang out for a few hours on a hot day.

We were even able to see a few animals that are in a different savannah to the one we overlook.

We then hopped into the car and drove to Celebration – which was about 15mins away. It’s somewhere that’s been on list to visit for many trips but we’ve never actually made it.

Such a cute town – well, it was developed by the Walt Disney company.

So many of the homes were decorated for Christmas.

We found parking near the main town shops, complete with a huge christmas tree (which sadly has a fence around it), an “ice” skating rink and area for fake snow in the evenings.

It surprises that such an upmarket town has such an ugly fence around it’s Christmas tree.

There are only a couple of shops here and one had so many good things but was SO cluttered it was almost overwhelming. And it was really hard to see what was there since there was so much. But I did manage to pick up a few things :-). Definitely a good place to find Disney things not seen at the park. I mean look at all these loungefly bags.

We then wandered down to the lake area – which I’m sure is just stunning on a sunny day. We had a seat in the rocking chairs but it was getting a little fresh (the temps were dropping in the afternoon as part of an Arctic Blast that was coming through).

Kevin was keen to eat at the Downtown Diner (since that’s where some YouTubers, The Lodge Guys, over go to. We were offered to sit either inside or outside but we chose inside since it was a bit cold out.

We were seated at a booth, which was nice, and we could still look out to the lake – again it was be extra nice on a sunny day.

I order cheese quesadillas and Kevin order dutch pancakes with berries. When his arrived at the table it he was given a waffle with the berries so just ate it (instead of complaining). We both really enjoyed our meals and ate every bite.

After lunch we walked back to the car. Once again I’d love to visit here sometime when the main street in not closed off.

Kevin was keen to get some more of the madeleine cookies/cakes that we’d bought from Publix and demolished in one day – they were too good. So went back to the Celebration Publix to buy some, but we couldn’t find them there. So we drove to other Publix (which is near to the AKL anyway). We couldn’t find them in the bakery aisle either but we eventually worked out we’d picked them from a stand at the back of the store, so we were able to buy another 2 boxes. These things are dangerous.

I noticed that there was a TJ Maxx across the road so we drove over there. But it was pretty mad with people buying last minute Christmas gifts. I didn’t find much so we just bought one thing and got out of there. And while the Christmas decor was well picked over, there was plenty of nice looking Valentine’s Day decor – shame I don’t decorated for that anymore (not really since I’m a minimalist).

We drove back to the resort and settled in for the remainder of the afternoon. Once again, since my legs and body was still rather fibro sore, I enjoyed a nice bath. To make it even more indulgent I have even started to read in the bath during this stay.

We decided to do a pick up order from Sanaa for dinner tonight. We got the bread service which comes with 5 types of flatbread and 9 different dips (I left the hot ones to Kevin). We also order some samosas but didn’t eat them (we’ll have them tomorrow for lunch). While having our dinner, picnic style in bed, we watch YouTube.