Day 31 – A good day to stay inside

I can’t believe, firstly that it’s Christmas Eve (& shortly to be Christmas Day in Australia), secondly that it’s our last full day of this trip and lastly that when I woke up at 6am it was zero degrees celsius. Definitely the coldest we’ve ever experienced in Orlando and I’m just so glad it’s not a park day for us. I do feel for those who have to do an early entry today. A bit later it was showing -1C.

Our windows were badly fogged up but even when Kevin dried them with a towel there were still no animals to be seen. It wasn’t until their feed was delivered after 8.30pm that one of the African cows and a couple of zebra came around to eat.

My fibro was bad again today and with the weather so cold we were just happy to stay inside, nice and cozy.

We actually just stayed in the bed (since the couch wasn’t too comfy here). I edited a vlog (just finishing up the Universal part of the trip), did some reading (in a nice bubble bath to warm up) and after lunch we watched some YouTube.

For lunch we had the leftover samosas from last night and I had some salad while Kevin had the remainder of the flatbread. Then for our Christmas Eve dinner Kevin cooked up some dumplings in the frypan and reheated some spring rolls in the oven. Not the healthiest but a fun picky tea. Which we had picnic style in bed.