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My name is Libby. I live in Wollongong, Australia with my husband of 26 years, Kevin, my 2 kids, Athena (20) and Christy (17), and 4 pups (2 Golden Retrievers and 2 Golden Doodles/Groodles).

Towards the end of 2014 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which has obviously changed the way I live my life. Thankfully these days my pain is more manageable and I’ve settled into my new way of life.

My main hobbies/interests include filming YouTube videos, minimalism, travel, Disney, and photography.

I become a lacto-ovo vegetarian in 2004 because I don’t approve of the way animals raised for food are treated. Then at the beginning of 2018 I finally (after numerous short-term attempts) made the switch the a vegan diet and haven’t looked back.

I love getting comments on my blog but you can also contact via e-mail at libby@withnall.com


  1. Busy Woman says:

    Hi Libby,

    I am so glad you commented on my site because I have had the privledge of visiting yours and I love it !
    I think we have similar interests and I will be dropping by regularly.


  2. Lizzie says:

    Hi again Libby –

    You mentioned on Lizzie’s Home that you wanted to set up a counter for Google Reader? Have you thought of Google Analytics?


    I think it was primary designed for businesses to track their customers’ visits to their sites (e-commerce etc) but I think it can also work as a full-service stat counter whatsit. I put the code into my HTML editor today and will start getting ‘reports’ by tomorrow. Seems you can do everything with it as you can with Stat Counter et al – it may even give you more information.

    Course this doesn’t help much with the whole vists-not-registering-because-of-reading-in-Google-Reader thing, and you may already have a stat counter, but thought it was worth a mention. It’s pretty easy to set up and to insert the code. I’m with Blogger and not WordPress but I imagine the deal is pretty much the same. I’ll let you know how the system works if you like, once I have data coming in.


  3. Lizzie says:

    Whoops, should have made it clearer that Google Analytics is a separate thing to the actual Google Reader thing. Still, it does look pretty nifty.


  4. Gray Mouser says:

    A shadow of the past emerges from the darkness…

    Wandered through here by chance tonight. Egads, the sprogs have gotten big! Could I have been away for that long?

    Talk to you again if ever I fully rejoin the realm of the living.



  5. Melissa says:

    Hi Libby! Would you be interested in trying a new storage product for scrapbooking ribbon? I am looking for people to try it out and then review it on their blog… if you are interested, just email me and I will send it you you.

  6. Terri says:

    Hi Libby..

    Sorry it has been so long. I haven’t got your new details and missed you at Christmas time. I had a vague memory that you had this site and lo and behold I found you here. Looks like we have some catching up to do. Love to hear from you.

  7. Cindy says:

    Hey Libby!

    Remember Cindy Pellas from high school?!?! I’m sure you do….and no doubt Leanne has let you know we’re back in contact. She gave me your website details and I just LOVE it! You’re very talented!!

    I travel alot for work and hopefully one day when I’m in Sydney we can all catch up. Its coming up to 20 years since we’ve seen each other….yikes! Where does the time go?!?!

    You’re looking great by the way 🙂


  8. Denver NeVaar says:

    I am attempting to track down the original author of “life is a journey, not a destination.” The quote has gone around so much that I wonder whether anyone actually knows who its original author was or is. Since you used the phrase as the title for your website, I thought perhaps you might know. Thanks.
    Best regards,
    Denver NeVaar, MTS

  9. Boolovey says:

    Hi Libby,

    I stumbled on your blog through your Menu Plan Monday posting. We have a lot in common. Your library looks like my library 🙂 and I had Weight Loss Surgery as well 4 years ago. I also have 2 daughters although they are younger than your girls. I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I love your site.

    All the best!

  10. Denise says:

    Hi Libby –

    First of all, love your name! Thanks for commenting on my blog about the yoga site. I’m going to give that a start – tomorrow morning. I love variety so doing the same DVD/videos get old real fast. I love your blog and your food looks so yummy.

  11. Lisa Walton says:

    Hi Libby,

    Just thought I would send you a link for kiki creates (kikicreates.blogspot.com). She has a great blog with lots or free and /or very cheap downloads – including some great Halloween downloads that I thought you would like!
    Have a great Halloween party!


  12. Carina S. says:

    Namaskaram Libby – I like subcribe to your post but HOW and WHERE?Yes, lol, I am new to all this.
    I see you like flowers – maybe I can tempt you with the first few ones on my own blog? And I do miss SPRING and AUTUMN in England and Germany (my homecountry). Week-end is coming and I hope to be able to read all your blogs.
    Thanks for letting me onto your site.

  13. Libby Withnall says:

    If you click the follow me button on my home page you will see a link to my RSS feed. I’ll definitely be checking out your blog as we are headed to Germany for a holiday next year.

  14. kristy says:

    Hi Libby,

    i have been following on here and youtube for a while now and love watching your great adventures overseas. I just wanted to ask how you plan a trip to disneyworld – We have just decided (quite literally) that we really want to go there (from QLD) but i have no idea where to start so would love some expert advice 🙂 I thought you mentioned you might do a video on it a while ago but i couldn’t find anything so I thought to ask the question instead 🙂 Any advice would be very much appreciated 🙂

  15. Jeanne Bowes says:

    I enjoy seeing the life an country of your family. So different yet much the same! I live in the wilderness if Montana, USA,

  16. Jeanette says:

    Hi Libby thoroughly enjoyed the big USA trip. I’m going to have a look and see prices etc to visit Florida from Ireland. You’re an old hand at this booking malarkey lol so any tips? I presume you booked everything separately? I like the idea of staying at the resorts we’d have 3 double rooms to pay for so hard rock may be out of our budget but what other hotels /apartments did you stay at for Disney/water parks etc? X 2-3 wks would be our limit but 2/3 weeks would mean we wouldn’t have to cram everything but since we’ve never been before probs want to see n do as much as poss
    Thanks Libby (even an email reply would be a great help)
    Jeanette x

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