A Day in my life – 22nd July, 2014


Managed a bit of a sleep in this morning till 6.30am. Only Rosie to let out today as Bailey has started staying up with Kevin until he comes down. Of course there was tea drunk. No Tour de France today as it was a rest day.


Even though I’ve been really unwell I still usually manage to put Charlie out. The girls have been good about doing the dishwasher before they head to school.


Any little job seems to leave me exhausted and in pain so it was back to the couch…with my pups…



and some more tea…



Eventually I dragged myself upstairs (and ended up incredibly puffed due to my lung infection), showered, dressed and collected todays washing.


I’m wanting to upload our UK trip videos to YouTube and tried to, unsuccessfully, work out how I could re-edit it.


I was feeling slightly better today, enough that I could be bothered to paint my nails, which had been naked for the last week.


Since so much of the day was spent on the couch I lit a candle.


I’ve been really funny about food and not up to making much. Since I didn’t have anything ready to eat in the fridge I made a lunch of crackers and dip.


Then a few hours later had a snack of cheese & crackers.


Pop has been great about collecting the girls from school, though today Christy had drama, but he picked up Athena and took her to the hairdressers. Around 4pm I headed upstairs to have a bath.


Bailey found a toilet roll (empty) to eat – no idea how they are so tasty but both dogs enjoy one from time to time!!!


Tonight I enjoyed yet another stunning sunset.


Athena was kind enough to make us dinner (as she’s been doing every night since I got really sick) – quorn pie, potato and honey carrots tonight. Then Kevin & I settled in to watch some TV – tonight it was a documentary on the A380.


Bailey found his favourite Winter position in front of the heater…


and around 8.30pm we headed up to bed. I’ve not been sleeping the best lately so we’ve been heading to bed rather punctually.

If you want to see more of my day before to watch the vlog.

A day in the life – 14th April, 2014


Since this day was over a month ago and my memory is pretty attrocious, I might make this a blog post with more photos and less words.

The day started with editing a vlog.


And tidying the kitchen… again.



Bailey having a nap.


Our local Coles has started selling bagels (with pretty good ingredients) so we’ve been buying a lot of them. Both the girls and I love them. Today I had one for breakfast with hummus and cheese. And tea, of course.


Time to restock the jar of Luna bars.



After dropping Athena off at a friends (they were going to the beach with a group from school), I took the dogs on a walk, to an area new to us. Loved seeing the horses. It was a lovely walk (once my ankle stopped bothering me).


Looking back over to where I live.





Gotta love a path winding through trees.



I know it’s a weed but I always get excited when I see thistle … must be the Scottish blood.


Back home it was time for some raspberry & pear loaf… and more tea.


Lunch was my normal salad, with a Southern Quorn burger.


Rosie having a nap.


Ants!! Couldn’t work out how they had gotten into my pantry. Then Christy discovered that the bag of chips I’d bought in earlier had a hole.. and a lot more ants. They had obviously been having quite the party in our spare pantry. Luckily they only seemed to be in this one bag.


Athena had been wanting this Rocky Horror nail polish collection from Picture Polish and it was finally made available to order.


Time for some scrapbooking…. it’s been a LONG time since I did any.


Of course, you can’t scrapbook without lighting a candle. It’s just not done!!


Bailey watching out the window. Love how he rests his head.


My faithful scrapbooking companions.


Pretty evening skies outside.


And a rainbow.




Dinner – an easy one tonight. Of course I used some soy fillets instead of chicken.



Of course, the day can also be seem in video format.

A Day in the Life – 14th March, 2014

It’s been some time since I did a day in the life post, seeing that I do so many in video format, but I still it’s a good record to have in photo format, and for those of you who don’t watch YouTube :-).

I actually managed to sleep in till 6.30pm (though it was still dark) and was pleased to be feeling a little better this morning.



After Kevin & the girls headed off at 7.30am, I got on with doing my daily essential jobs. I fed the bird and put him outside…


and strangely enough found Bailey lying in the garage….


I made our bed and finished off the girls rooms….


Showered, dressed and actually put on some makeup. Was so nice doing something as normal as makeup.

IMG_1592.jpg IMG_1596.JPG

It was shaping up to be another hot day (the weatherman didn’t get memo that it’s supposed to be Autumn) so I watered the pot plants…


and got barked at by the puppies….


It had started sprinkling but I wanted to do my shopping at Figtree, so hoped it wouldn’t get too heavy.


I visited a few clothing shops, but didn’t buy anything, before going to the new Organic Shop. They have SOOO much stuff that I felt a bit overwhelmed and didn’t end up buying anything. I need to go back another time with a list as I’d really like to support the shop.


I did my main grocery shop at Coles. Loved the scoop & weigh station they have – wish our Coles had one. Unfortunately they didn’t have the products I was hoping for (that my Coles have stopped selling 🙁 ).


I was pretty tired after this – it doesn’t take much to tire me out these days. Back home I unpacked the groceries and put them away in between rests.



Eventually I got the energy to make up some lunch, using one of my pre-prepared salads (I’ve been making up 3 at a time, and it’s working out so well).


To this one I added falafel, hummus & pineapple. Yum.


After lunch I worked on editing my Summer Favourites video.


The girls were going into town for a bit after school, then Athena & two friends were catching the bus home. Kevin was picking up Christy (and dropping her friend home).  Bailey & I got to the bus stop a bit early, so I decided to go and wash my car. I must have been feeling a whole lot better today as this is the most I have done in WEEKS!



Athena rang to say they had arrived just as I was finishing off the car. She had 4 friends (from her old school) over to play some games (2 slept over) so I prepared a mashed potato bar for dinner (thanks to Heather Bruggeman & her Whole Food Kitchen class for this fabulous idea. It went over so well and I had very few leftovers. I’ll definitely do this again.



With the girls at the kitchen table, Kevin and I camped out in the loungeroom to watch a movie and enjoy our dinner.



If you’d like to see more of my day please watch my day in the life video below.

Weekend fun


The weekend started with a stunning sunset. I’m sure it happens quite often but we don’t see it from our home.


But this Friday night we were headed out to see an amateur production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Athena was watching with a friend (another had been planing to join them), so Kevin, Christy and I had to sit away from the, :-). It was a really good show but the theatre was very hot and crowded.


Then on Saturday afternoon Kevin & I took Athena and a different friend up to Sydney to see BriBry (an Irish Youtuber) at the Metro Theatre. Kevin dropped us off and went to park in the QVB. I escorted the girls to the venue and then went to meet him.


I haven’t been into the city for some time and had forgotten how busy and crowded it is, esp. on a Saturday evening.


The shops were only open for an hour so we didn’t do a lot of shopping, but we did visit Haigh’s Chocolate Shop (which we both love).




After we checked out some more shops we found the Palace Tea Room.


How gorgeous is this place?


It was just perfect as I just wanted somewhere quiet and comfy to sit for a bit and enjoy some tea. The hour or so spent walking around had worn me out (not surprising I guess when I’ve been on the couch for most of the last 7 weeks).


The place was a bit on the pricey side (for us) so we just ordered a drink and some scones (which was perfect as we were having dinner with the girls after their concert).


I absolutely fell in love with the tablewear. It’s Wedgewood Butterfly Bloom. Super expensive (I looked it up when we got home) but maybe one day I’ll start a collection (but only if it’s on sale!!).


The tea and scones were delicious. And Kevin was very happy with his latte.



We lingered here as long as we could (the seats were so comfy) and then found a Gloria Jeans just near the theatre to wait for the girls.


I think we were here about 1.5 hrs. I know I got a sore bum due to the hard seats :-). I caught up on the Iditarod, read blogs (something I rarely find time to do these days but really enjoy when I do) and later on, when my stomach was empty again, I got an iced chocolate (mainly because I felt guilty taking up a table, even though there were plenty available).


The girls met us about 8pm and we went to Wagamama’s for some dinner. This wasn’t really the greatest idea as it was so late, the girls were tired and Kevin & I past eating. Instead of getting a full meal we just shared some appetisers, which was the perfect thing to do as we didn’t leave feeling overfull.




It was about 10.30pm when we got home and we were thankful that it wasn’t a terribly late night.

Sunday was a jammie day but unfortunately I was feeling really bad again and spent all day (literally) on the couch :-(. Oh, well, at least I was good when it really mattered.