Harbourside Walk – 9th April, 2014


Finally after almost 3 months I was feeling well to go on a proper walk again. Since Kevin was away and I was having to run the girls into school, I took the opportunity to walk the dogs down by Wollongong Harbour.


As you can see it was a stunning Autumn morning. Nice and warm, without being too hot.


The walk was pretty slow and I stopped to take lots of of video and photos.



We just walked from the harbour around to North Beach. I haven’t been here in a few years and there have been quite a few changes. The old change rooms are now a cafe (which is wonderful as at one time there was talk of tearing the old building down)


and a lovely statue as a tribute to the surf lifesavers.


The dogs and I really enjoyed the walk, and it was plenty long enough for my first outing. Afterwards we had a quick stop overlooking South Beach.


In the afternoon Christy and I stopped on the way home from school to feed the local donkeys and the new Clydesdale horse.


So fun, though the donkeys wouldn’t come near us once the horse turned up.



This photo makes him look pretty short, but he really was a big fellow.


The week that was

Okay, it’s been a crazy busy week, with another one coming up, so I thought I’d do a “week that was” post. Hope you don’t mind.

It was the week of lots of lovely early morning walks, except for the two days that it rained…

IMG_7204.JPG IMG_7297.jpg


It was the week I finally found some time to sit out by the pool and soak up some rays….


and enjoy my daily salad….


It was the week I had Christy home sick again, and not one, but two visits to the doctors…


Thankfully we finally have a doctor (our usual doc is overseas) who said “something is wrong. We need to find out what it is” and ordered some different tests.


It was the week I bought this cute flamingo top (after an online friend told me about it)….


And it was the week I saw this crazy fact….just 40 days till Christmas!!!….


It was the week I did some multi-tasking – youtube and my momento album…


and it was the week Amy & I went up to Sydney to visit with my Mum, who is back in hospital and not doing well.


It was the week of a side trip over to Bondi to get some cute Christmas stockings….


We also got to visit Typo…


and I found the canvas I had been looking for, but was no longer available at my local typo. Love it!!


It was the week I noticed all the shopping centers were all decorated for Christmas…


and it was the week Rosie enjoyed her first cup of tea. It had gone cold so Kevin gave some to Rosie – she loved it!!!!


Would you like some more puppy photos?



This is Bailey’s “please take me in the car” face…


My week so far…


I’ve been rather busy this week, which is why I haven’t been around much. I’ve been taking my daily walk with the pups, plus doing another workout (either cardio or weights) most days.


On Monday morning just one of Mum’s flowers was opened, today I noticed they all were (but forgot to take a photo).



There has been lots of jobs done around the house, including the cleaning of both girls rooms….



the dropping off of donations…don’t worry we didn’t donate Bailey…



and the packing up of the Halloween decor…so sad I won’t see it for another 11 months :-(. On the plus side I’ve already put out a few of my more neutral Christmas decorations.


Christy is still off sick – the doctor just said she’s been unlucky to pick up another virus. And since I’ve been home all week (with the exception of Uniform shop and grocery shopping), I’ve spent extra time hanging out with my two mates.




Here’s Rosie under my desk as I do some filing.


And this is what happens when you eat dinner on the couch….


Hope you’re having a great week. Any plans for the weekend? I’m not sure what we’re up to – depends on if Amy has friends over for school work, and Kevin has to work on Sunday. I do plan to work on my Germany momento album as there is another 20% off sale and I want to get it ordered.

2 birds in 2 days!

On Sunday night I let Bailey out to see what I thought was a moth (he had been watching through the window) but was instead this cute little baby bird. It seemed unjured but since it was dark I bought it inside overnight, to take to the vets for a checkover in the morning.


Monday morning started with the usual morning walk.


Spotted some Rosellas in the trees today.


Then I had to drive Christy to High School. Yep, she’s spending a week in year 7 at the Montessori school just as a final check to make sure she fits in with the way of teaching, and to make sure she likes it, which she does. But driving to and from twice a day has lost me 6 hours this week!!! Thankfully the girls should be able to catch a bus next year.


After I dropped her off I headed to the vets, who told me the bird (can’t remember what type) was a fledgling and is able to fly. So I bought him back home and sent him off with his Mum & Dad, who came from the trees behind us when they heard him chirping.



Be sure to watch the video if you’d like to see his release back into the wild.

Then, you won’t believe it but that night we found another baby bird in Mum & Dad’s backyard. He seemed healthy as well but he couldn’t fly. So we had another overnight visitor.


Tuesday morning.



Walk, weights workout, Christy to school and another visit to the vets. This time I left the bird behind to be handed over to WIRES, who will look after him until he can fly, and then most likely he will be brought back to the area and released. Oh, and this one is a Wattlebird.


I then headed down to Shellharbour Square to meet up with Mel for morning tea and some shopping. I totally forgot about taking photos so be sure to watch my day in the life vlog if you want to see more of my day.

Hmm… funny that the few photos I took are all of Christmas stuff :-).



Bed, Bath & Table display.



Two questions today.

One, do you ever find baby birds in your yard? We seem to have a few each year (by only in recent years)

Two, have you bought any Christmas decorations yet? I’ve picked up a couple of things but won’t by any more until I get my house decorated and see if I have more room available.