Christmas Cruise – Day 6 – Christmas Day in Fiji

It seems to be getting harder and harder to get up before the sun. Today I woke up with a start, thinking it was later than it was. When I looked out the window I could see some of the Fijian Islands and was able to enjoy our trip into port and watch us dock.



Since Kevin & I were up we decided to head up on deck for Santa’s arrival. We wondered where all the kids were but when Santa just walked on by we realized the kids were all in Studio B waiting for his arrival and to be given presents. All kids under 17 were able to get gifts but two were fast asleep :-).


Kevin took a couple of panaromas.



We decided to pick up a bit too eat (breakfast part 1) which we ate on the balcony…


as we continued into port…



Then the girls arrived shortly before our room service breakfast, eating inside this time as it was stinking hot outside. I just had some pastries.


Around 9.30am Nan & Pop came over and we gave them their gifts. They also a gift for the girls and I that they had bought for us on the cruise. I got some Victoria’s Secret body spray, Christy got a butterfly Swarovski necklace and Athena got a Gucci handbag.

We left a gift for our room attendant (a big box of chocolates – Freddo Frogs to be exact) then headed to the theatre for today’s tour of Nadi. We realized we’d left the water in the room so raced off to get some more. There were a few issues with this tour starting and with the the size of the seats of the bus. I have NEVER seen a bus/coach with 5 seats across – so can you imagine how small each seat was. It didn’t make for the most comfortable ride, that’s for sure. But we still really enjoyed this tour. The guide was great and the countryside beautiful to look at. I’d forgotten how lovely Fiji is – even though we were here just 3 years ago.


We drove past a Hindu temple – but only got to view it from the outside.


Our first stop was the see the sleep giant… not that you can see it in this photo…


than a souvenir shop in Nadi – I hadn’t expect to be buying anything but we picked up a few things…


then finally a beautiful spot by the water for fresh fruit and a coconut husking demonstration…









Then it was back to the ship, where we immediately headed up to Windjammers to get some lunch. Soup, salad and bread for me :-).


Then some quiet time back in the cabin. I always want to go for a spa but no-one else is ever too keen. Oh, well, it’s nice to just relax and listen to the water outside. Kevin, of course, had a sleep and I tried to for a bit but one of the girls arrived (as they always tend to do if I want a sleep :-)).

Tonight was the second formal night so we got all dressed up again before heading the to theatre. Tonight was supposed to be Australia’s friendliest comedian. And while I’m not sure was that, he was quite enjoyable (just not as good as other nights). He did tricks with a yoyo and spinning top which were pretty impressive. Christy would have enjoyed it, but she didn’t come tonight.

We then had some formal photos taken and I had one of family in front of the tree, as I always do each year.


There was a bit of time before dinner but no seats to be found so we went back to our cabin for about 20mins before heading to dinner.  The table was all set for Christmas with bon bons (and we didn’t have to worry about Rosie being scared of the noise).




Dinner was nice, but not very Christmasy for me. I had French Onion Soup, Potato Gratin… a small serve but plenty for me and Christmas yule log..which was rice so I only ate one piece. No photos as I can’t get them to upload.

Christmas Day 2013


Christmas morning started with Rosie having a snooze under the Christmas tree. I was up around 4am and watched youtube while drinking Christmas Tea until everyone else was up.


Do you like my Christmas jammies? It’s the first time I’ve ever bought any for myself.



I was also sporting some festive nails.


Around 8am Christy made an appearance. We then had to wait for Kevin to get back, as he’d taken the pups on a walk.


Finally, it was time for the present opening to begin.


We took turns getting things out of our stockings. It’s the first year Kevin & I have had stockings and even though I’d bought everything for myself, it was still fun getting little gifts (many of which I’d actually forgotten about).


My big present from Kevin was a new kettle. And oh, how I love it.


The pups got Christmas kisses….


and some new toys….


Nan, Pop and Granny came over about 9.30am and we opened some more presents before having breakfast. This year we had a change from French Toast and enjoyed crossiants, cheese omelets and fresh fruit.



After cleaning up, it was time to get ready for Christmas lunch.



Due to vlogmas, I somehow managed to get only three photos from lunch!!!! Guess you’ll have to watch the video if you’d like to see more.




Our guests left around 6pm and we relaxed, happy and somewhat relieved it was all over.



Christmas Eve 2013


As usual we celebrated Christmas Eve with the Powells & Nan & Pop. But Bailey made a new friend when some old family friends called by to visit Nan.


It was a very casual and relaxed afternoon/evening.


Amy & Sarah had fun dressing up Erica and photographing her.


IMG_9228.jpg IMG_9231.jpg

They then put all the photos together. She looks like a proper model and much too grown up. I thought Amy & Sarah did a great job with the styling and photography.


Nan had some quality cuddle time with Rosie.


Since I was doing vlogmas I didn’t get as many photographs as normal but I did manage to get one with Leanne, which we always do.


There was plenty of yummy food.



Alyssa & Christy braved the cooler weather and had a swim.


And, of course, there were presents to be opened.


And what a treat – the sky was amazing this evening.


Lastly, after our friends had left, my final step of the evening was putting out the box of quality street chocolates.


They “almost” look too good to eat :-).


I have been celebrating with friends on Christmas Eve ever since I was a child. Do you do anything special on Christmas Eve? Any traditions you partake in?

If you’d like to see more of our day please check out the video.