Menu Plan Monday


Meal planning is a little tricky this week as I’m still on a liquid diet, and hoping to progress to a soft diet tomorrow. So instead of doing a day by day I thought I’d just plan some meals and see where they fit in. Obviously I still won’t be eating much so there will be plenty of leftovers – not a bad thing during school holidays.

Soups for me – Leek & Potato

Sweet Potato & Pumpkin


Fried Rice

Vegetarian Potato Kugel

Vegetable Frittata

Bean or Lentil Patties (made into burgers for everyone else)

Quorn Cottage Pie




Menu Planning

After being religious about menu planning for quite some time I recently took a break. It was fun. I didn’t resort to takeaway. We still ate very well. But it wasn’t until I decided I wanted to empty out freezer that I realized what menu planning does.


So about 1.5 weeks ago I went through the fridge and freezer and made a list of everything it contained, taking special notice of anything that would expire when we’re away (leaving for a 10 night cruise on Saturday). I then went through and made out a menu plan for the 2 weeks before we left. I mainly do dinners but I had a few breakfast and lunch ideas so I put them on some days.


Menu plan done! Now the revelation. Firstly, it was so much easier just checking the fridge (where the menu plan lives) to see what was for  dinner each day. I didn’t have to think – brilliant. Secondly, we are eating a better variety of meals. I hadn’t realized we were eating the same dinners week in week out. Thirdly, as hoped we made a good dent in the fridge & freezer. And forth, we saved a bunch on groceries by eating the food we’d already paid for :-). So am I converting back to regular menu planning. If you’ve never done it before give it a go. There are plenty of free printables on the internet but all you need is pen and paper (and maybe gloves for diving into your freezer 🙂 ).

Menu Plan Monday


Well, with most of the family being sick during the week it was easy meals all around, and no new recipes.

MONDAY: Muffin Tin Dinner (made by Amy) – Amy & Kevin had fish, I had a veggie burger.


TUESDAY:Home-made Pizza

Homemade pizza

WEDNESDAY Falafel Wrap

Falafel Wrap

THURSDAY: Vegetable Schnitzel

Dinner - Veggie Schnitzel

FRIDAY: Sweet Potato Frittata

Dinner - Sweet Potato Frittata

SATURDAY: Christy requested pancakes.

Pancakes with lemon & sugar

I had a salad

Lunch - yummy salad

SUNDAY: Sweet Bean Burrito for me, Kevin had a scrambled egg wrap.

Sweet Bean Burritos

Not too sure what’s on the menu for the coming week (and I’m away for the weekend) but be sure to check out the Organising Junkie for more menu ideas.

Belated Menu Plan & Muffin Tin Monday

Not too sure how this not menu planning is working out but we’ve not resorted to take-away so it must be going okay. Having said that last week was a very strange one with me being unwell for the whole week, so easy dinners were definitely on the cards.

MONDAY: New recipe : Macaroni Bake – was OKAY



Mexi-Bean Burrito

WEDNESDAY: Take-away pizza for my birthday

Birthday dinner

THURSDAY: Pasta & Veggies (from freezer) – was quite nice and certainly VERY easy

FRIDAY: Sweet Bean Burrios

Sweet Bean Burritos


SUNDAY: Homemade Pizza at the Powells – similar to this one.


And for Muffin Tin Monday this week, Amy was kind enough to make us dinner.

Muffin Tin Dinner Muffin Tin Dinner

Muffin Tin Dinner

Be sure to visit the Organising Junkie and Her Cup Overfloweth.