Flowers and Trees of Germany (France & Austria)

I took quite a few flower and tree photos while in Germany. Since I never had room to include them in my daily posts, I’d thought I’d share them here. When we arrived in Germany I was so surprised to find bare, barren trees (I shouldn’t have been but we don’t have a lot of deciduous trees where we live). It was fun seeing things green up day by day. And I LOVED all the potted and wild flowers all over the place.
So sit back and enjoy this splash of colour.

Love, love, love all the window sill displays. Some of which were still left from Easter.

I’d love to see what this is like with leaves. I’ve never seen a tree like this.

This is a flower (weed??) that Kevin picked for me (from a field)

This blossom was my favourite
As you can there was a huge variety of flowers and trees, many of which I’ve never seen before. It was a real treat for me getting to see them all.

In just a few hours

we turned this….


into this…


Christy helped me plant the seedlings – tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, chinese cabbage, butternut pumpkins, beetroot, capsicums, and some new strawberry plants. I also planted some seeds – leeks, carrots and zuchinni. Then Kevin and Amy helped me do the mulch. So it was a real family effort. I still need to fertilize and put out some snail bait (the dog friendly kind).

Now we just have to patient and wait for it to turn into this.

The Monster Zucchini

Look what I found lurking in the garden after our holiday.


Now this baby wasn’t even ready to pick when we left. Crazy how quickly it grew. And I think it might even be bigger than Jody’s monster, but I didn’t think to measure it so we’ll never know :-).

They are not so tasty when they are this big but the dogs don’t seem to mind. Lucky since they’ll be eating this big boy for quite a few nights.