The wool collection


Those of you who have been reading here for a while know I have a bit of problem when it comes to buying wool. Basically if it looks good I’ll buy…with no idea what I’ll do with it. Now have been much more controlled the last year because I know what a stash I already have. It used to be housed in 3 baskets in the laundry but the wool was spilling out and it was hard to find what I wanted. A while back I saw a great idea on Rachels blog and decided to do something similar with in my sewing room shelves (as gradually I have been selling off my books).

Here’s what I started with…



And after a bit of sorting and organising…


I wasn’t quite sure how to do it so I just sorted by type. Any advice here? I think the strangest thing is it makes my collection not look quite as big don’t you think?



Now that I can find and see all my wool easily I need to decide on my next project…. and tidy up the rest of the shelves.

Oh, and Rachel’s shelves look much better than mine….maybe I do some to buy some more wool after all…..

Epic fail

Okay, so I was merrily working along on this scarf…


when I ran out of wool. No problem. I always buy at least 2 balls. I’ll get the other from the wool stash. Oh, no. It’s not there. Must be one the girls used (and got so tangled it had to be thrown out).

Not to worry I’ll duck into Spotlight and get another ball. I had a little left so took my sample with me.


The ONLY one similar didn’t look quite so purple but it’s probably the light or my little sample. I buy the ball and bring it home, all excited to finish my scarf. Yes, I’m sure you know what happened next…


Can we say EPIC FAIL!!!!! Guess I’ll have to wait till next Winter to finish this….. :-(.


Wrist warmers

Over the weekend I started work on some wrist warmers (or fingerless gloves) – using the instructions given by the wonderful Lucy at Attic 24. Last night I finished the crocheting and today I sewed them up. I’m pretty happy with them but they a little too big. The best part was quick they were too make – esp. after working on the blanket which took months.


They’ll be good for using on the computer when it’s cold…


and for patting the dogs…