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Day 20 – Swimming at Waikiki Beach

We seem to be very much slowing down in the final days of our holiday. Not sure if it’s because we are trying to draw out this vacation as much as possible or it’s because we have enough of doing touristy things. But I think it’s really because Honolulu is just not for us. The […]

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Day 19 – Seeing the sights in Honolulu

I was awake well before the sun this morning so actually got to see the moon and the stars. Thankfully I seemed to be feeling pretty decent. We had a very lazy morning and didn’t end up leaving the apartment until 11.15am. We had a short 5 min walk to the Waikiki trolley stop. For […]

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Day 18 – A fibro day in Waikiki

After a rather interrupted nights sleep (lost track of how many times I woke up) I was up around 5am in time for the sunrise, which we can see off in the distance. Poor Kevin had an even worse sleep than I did and didn’t go to sleep till around 4am !!! Not surprisingly Kevin […]

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Day 17 – Last stop Honolulu

I was happy to be up at 5am on our last morning here so I could enjoy what will be our last sunrise over the ocean while here in Hawaii. I sat out on the lanai with my cup of tea to fully enjoy it. I had yet another pita bread for breakfast, did most […]

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