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Travel day to Kauai

It’s been a long time coming, two and half years exactly, since our last big overseas trip. And while we didn’t head to France as originally planned, Hawaii made for a very good replacement during the pandemic. However, cause of said pandemic, our travel day was made that much longer due to having to take […]

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A day in the Otways

I managed to get some sunrise photos today. And when I went outside to get the camera 2 King Parrots came and landed on the handrail. Then almost immediately one flew on top of my head. I couldn’t believe it. But what an exciting start to the day. It’s Kevin & my 29th Wedding Anniversary […]

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Wildlife Wonders

Surprisingly we were able to see the sunrise this morning. I wasn’t expecting it so will try to get some better photos tomorrow. Boy was it special being able to drink my tea snuggled up on the lounge under a blanket and watching the waves roll in and clouds float by. We had a slow […]

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Shopping at Chadstone

We had a VERY slow morning. After the long day and early start yesterday it was nice to just hang in bed (something I never do at home) with a cup (or more) of tea and enjoy this view. I also edited some vlogs and later ate breakfast in bed. Kevin opted for granola while […]

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