Day 21a – Disembarkation & quick visit to the World of Disney

We woke up after a really a bad nights sleep (for both of us) just as we were arriving in Port Lauderdale. It was pretty windy and rainy out there. We showered and dressed and finished our packing before heading up to Windjammers for our last breakfast. It was very crowded which is why on all previous cruises we have gone to the dining room the last day for breakfast. But we wanted to be off and on our way to Orlando as quickly as possible.

After breakfast we collected our luggage and we thought our departure number had already been called so we promptly disembarked. Only to then find our luggage wasn’t yet ready for collection. So we sat in the little waiting area and we were amongst the first to retrieve our luggage when it was available. This worked out really well as it wasn’t crowded and our collected our luggage easily and were through customs and out in the uber pick up area before we knew it. Our uber turned up a few mins later and dropped us off at the Dollar Car Rental. By 9am we were on our way to Orlando.

About 11am we decided to stop at a service center, as Kevin needed a little break from driving. The centers here are HUGE !!!! I thought Kevin was buying lunch so I got myself a vegetable fajitas from Chicken Kitchen, only to find he’d just gotten an Iced Coffee on almond milk (the USA doesn’t seem to offer soy milk at some of the tea/coffee places). Not to worry as I’d had mine cut in half so happily shared with Kevin. It was really good too and totally hit the spot as an early lunch.

We had quite mixed weather on the trip, alternating between raining, cloudy and sometimes a few patches of blue sky. Luckily though it was still cloudy in Orlando the rain seemed to have stopped.

About 1pm we drove past the Caribe Royal, where we are staying for the next two nights, on our way to Disney Springs.

Our goal for today was just to visit World of Disney. It was crowded enough and I knew it would be packed tomorrow.

World of Disney at Disney Springs

We probably spent about an hour and half here. Such a stunning store and I love looking around here. Would be great to have one visit just to look at everything (preferably when it’s quiet) and then come back another time to make purchases.

Don’t worry – I didn’t bring home the giant Stitch

We then headed back to the Caribe Royal and got checked in to our room. We stayed for 2 nights on our last trip but had a different room type this time (as it was just the two of us and we didn’t require a kitchen).

It’s such a nice looking resort but sadly, just like last time, we didn’t get the chance to have a look around.

We basically dropped off our luggage, quickly got changed and headed right back out….because it was time to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

… coming up in the next post.

Day 19 & 20 – Last days of the cruise

Our last two days of the cruise were sea days as we made our way back to Fort Lauderdale. On day 18 I still wasn’t feel great – but was certainly better than the day before. Still a good bit nauseous and my appetite had not yet returned.

View from the Diamond Club

The day basically went as follows :

Breakfast at Windjammers , time in the Diamond Club lounge, reading in our room, lunch in the Dining Room, a spa & swim, reading in our room, dinner at Windjammers, back to our room to watch some Vlogmas videos.

Chopped salad from the dining room
Sunset at sea

Our last day was pretty much the same, except for the swim. And thankfully I was feeling even better again and my appetite is almost back to normal.

Breakfast at Windjammers, time in the Diamond Club lounge, reading in our room, lunch in Windjammers, PACKING, reading in our room, dinner at Windjammers (with our tablemates from the dining room), put luggage outside room, read.

Breakfast from Windjammers
Reading in the Diamond Club
One of tonights dinner options in Windjammers
Vegetable Mongolian Stirfry from Windjammers

Can’t believe the cruise is almost over. We have enjoyed it and really enjoyed the South American ports but I do think I might prefer other modes of travel for now, or at least cruises with less sea days. I guess after 20 years of cruising our lifestyle/needs have changed somewhat and we probably aren’t getting what we used to out of cruising.

Day 18 – A day spent in bed

Well, todays post will be short (and not so sweet). In the early hours of the morning I was up vomitting. I was also in a lot of pain so found it impossible to sleep.

In the morning, while the vomiting had ceased, I still felt nauseous with a lot of body pain. Thankfully I was able to sleep so spent the day in bed sleeping on and off for most it. By late afternoon I was able to read so the helped keep my mind off the pain.

We were docked in Caracao today and had to cancel our tour. I did say Kevin could go on his own but he chose to stay with me. I didn’t eat all but a few dry cookies all day, and sipped on some water or Sierra Mist (lemonade as it’s known in Australia).

We face-timed Athena in the afternoon. She has been accepted into the University of Canberra so is now starting to look at apartments to rent. We also texted with Christy – she is doing okay and still getting over the cold she picked up in Iowa.

Though I still wasn’t hungry, Kevin wanted me to try eating some dinner so he bought me a selection of foods he thought I might enjoy. I managed to eat some mashed potatoes, some baked potato and few bits of cheese and crackers.

I have been feeling better few gradually throughout the day so hopefully when I wake up in the morning I will be free of pain.

Day 17 – Sailing & Snorkelling in Aruba

No alarm needed today as we were both awake before it. Kevin was a sweetie and went and got me milk for my tea again. And I took my time waking up.

Luckily I had showered last night because I misjudged the time to leave again this morning!! But since I only had to put on swimmers and finish packing for the day I didn’t need a lot of time. However, it turns out not only did I forget the tickets (though I think Kevin could also be blamed for this since he put in the safe), I also forgot the SD card for the go-pro – which means no underwater/fish photos or video – though of course you might be glad about that :-).

After the usual breakfast at Windjammers (today Kevin had fruit) we went assure for our cruise excursion. Of course the usual waiting around ensured but eventually we were onto the huge sailing cat – which was docked right across from Serenade.

It was a big yacht and pretty full. They did put the sails up, but continued to fun the motors. It all made Kevin a little bit sleepy.

Our first stop was to snorkel with some fish. I enjoyed it, thought there was lots of fish. But Kevin, who has scuba dived, wasn’t too impressed. And we have been spoiled with other locations that we have snorkelled. Still it was lovely to be back in the warm water of the Caribbean.

One thing we didn’t like was that one of the crew was feeding bread to attract fish, then scooping out one of the fish to feed to a pelican. I understand that’s what pelicans eat but it seemed wrong having a human collect the fish for them. We had actually been admiring the pelicans who were dive bombing for fish earlier.

From here were moved to the Antilla Wreck but Kevin & I just decided to stay onboard since the wreck was quite deep and the water choppy.

Next was our lunch stop at the Pelican Pier. Our boat pull up right alongside and we just right onto the pier.

The food (BBQ meat) was all pre-plated so I had to request a vegetarian plate. I gave Kevin my plantain since he loves it so much, and I ate the salad and polenta. It was nice but not especially filling. Kevin wished he also opted for the vegetarian plate.

We also had a bit of free time on the beach – barely 40mins – could have easily enjoyed another 30-60mins here. As it was we just had time for a short swim and lie on the sunlounges.

Then it was back on the cat for the trip back to the cruise port. So although we enjoyed our day (we both loved being out on the water) it definitely could have been a lot better. I feel I made a poor choice of tour. Anyway, lesson learned – unless there is no other option we should not book a cruise excursion ever again !!!

Back in our cabin we both showered and then headed to Windjammers for another feed – since lunch had been so light. I had another veggie burger and some fries (something I rarely feel like – maybe it was the fresh air and salt water) and Kevin also got a burger. We took them back to our room to enjoy.

Then Kevin had a little nap and I edited a vlog. We watched sailaway/sunset out on the balcony, which was nice.

Then I wrote up this very quick blog post before we went back to a late dinner at Windjammers.