Day 10 – Meeting Christy in Orlando

It was a rather early start to the day. With the alarm set for 4am, I awoke not long after 3am – only to find Kevin awake, only having had around an hours sleep all night !! At least this meant we had time for a cup of tea before getting up and ready for the day.

At 4.30am we headed downstairs to get an uber to the airport.

The airport was surprisingly busy (I’m sure it wasn’t this busy last time we had an early morning flight from Vegas). We used the first class counter for American Airlines to check in and drop off our luggage. Unfortunately we weren’t given seats together, but we hoped to rectify that once onboard.

We then went upstairs to the security line. I had organised for TSA care assist but when we asked someone about it, and showed them the paperwork, they didn’t know what I was talking about but said to use the wheelchair access lane. But when we got there we realized we could just use the first class line.

That done we headed towards the gate and in search of something for breakfast (for myself). We ended up at Cinnabon where I got a cheese toastie and Kevin got an iced coffee and some Cinnabites – which he really enjoyed. My toastie was pretty good as well.

Finally it was time to board our plane. We had treated ourselves to First Class on the flights today, which was a very nice indulgence. And we didn’t even have to ask someone to swap seats as a guy offered as soon as he realized we were together.

Goodbye Las Vegas. It’s not been fun, but we will be back

This was a really nice flight. Kevin got served a nice breakfast. As suspected – there was no vegan offering (which was why I’d already eaten). I wrote up a blog post, edited some video and then spent some time reading . The flight was about 3.5 hours and past really quickly.

We arrived into a wet and drizzly Charlotte, North Carolina around 1pm (their time). It was a super busy airport, yet quite a stunning one, with two huge reindeers and rocking chairs to relax in, in the main hub

We picked up some drinks at Starbucks which we had while waiting for our plane to arrive. Unfortunetely they made both of us unfeel unwell. Guess I should have gone with the dragon drink rather than the Green Tea Frappacino. I also picked up a salad and ranch wrap which I ate once we boarded the plane.

We had about 1.5 hours here I think, then we were setting off for Olando. We also weren’t sitting together her – but neither was another couple and a father & daughter so we all moved around to suit ourselves. Such a crazy system not to sit families together !!

Funnily enough Christy’s plane ended up running a bit late and landed just after ours did.

Her flight left late because of an argument between her next seat neighbour and the people in front (before they’d even taken off). Christy got all upset (worried she was going to get in trouble) and they moved everyones seats around (on a full flight) before they could take off.

Once we got off the plane, Kevin went to the bathroom and I could see from find my friends that Christy was close by so we waited for her to walk in our direction. She only spotted us at the very last minute.

The airport was crazy busy. We have never seen MCO so busy. It was madness. We made our way to the first ride of the trip – the monorail. Then over to the baggage claim.

Once we battled the crowds and had our luggage, we made our way to the carpark to collect our Turo car (like airbnb for cars). Once Kevin worked out how to fit all our luggage in – let’s just say Christy was a little bit squashed in the back seat – we were on way to Universal. And just in time for a stunning unset (which we spotted from the carpark).

Kevin was tired but it wasn’t long before he was comfortable driving (once again) on the other side of the road). But with his recent eye surgery he was glad most of the trip was made before it got totally dark.

Around 6pm we pulled up to the Royal Pacific Resort, unloaded our bags and waited while Kevin went to self park the car. We aren’t sure how but on his way back he ended up walking through the luau :-).

He seemed to be gone a long while but once he got back we entered to lobby to find a big gorgeous Christmas tree, then went to get checked in. Thankfully there was ZERO wait (unlike the 2 hour wait at the Rio !!)

After getting our room keys we stopped in to pick up our park tickets. Then it was on to our room. It’s about as far away from the lobby as you can get but it’s not too far. The room is lovely, though will be a little cramped for the 3 of us. Luckily it is just for a few days.

Our room overlooks the pool, which is nice at night and will be even nicer in the daytime I’m sure. We unpacked, somewhat anyway, so we aren’t living out of suitcases, and Kevin & Christy had a rest/lie down. By 7pm I was getting pretty hungry (meals had been light and all over the place today – I wasn’t even sure what time it was in Vegas).

We went to the Tuk Tuk market but they didn’t have as many options as I thought they did. Still I managed to get some rice and veggies and Kevin got some chicken nuggets. My dinner was okay – I wasn’t a real fan of the veggies (they had just been sitting waiting for someone to buy them) but I ate enough to satisfy my hunger. Kevin found his nuggets to be rather dry. We then settled into bed and were asleep around 9pm after what has seemed to be a rather long day.