Terrific Thursday

Woke up this morning feeling very much like my normal self (but with a runny nose and croaky voice). I was going to take the dogs on a walk but then thought I could take them on walk after dropping the girls at school. Much better than braving the cold morning air.

I went downstairs for a cup of tea, showered, dressed and had some breakfast. I finally got around to eating 1/2 of the breakfast cookie I made the other day. It was a little on the dry side but still okay.


I got my bag all packed with water for both myself and the dogs… and I threw in a nut bar just in case.


We had a fantastic walk, which you can read all about here. It took us about an hour and ten minutes and I was exhausted and happy at the end. Will definitely do this again.

Came home and enjoyed a green smoothie.


I then got busy in the kitchen – making potato and leek soup, zucchini slice (for tonights dinner) and some of Angela’s Tropical Muffins.

Lunch was the last of the Mushroom Rissoto.


Had an easy afternoon. Enjoyed some soup for afternoon tea.


Followed by the last of the oatmeal cookies.


and a handful of tiny teddies…


The girls had singing lessons this afternoon. I wanted something when I was out but knew dinner was ready when we got home. Just had to prep some veggies.


Supper was, predictably, a tropical muffin. Oh, and a smidge of lemon fudge.



Woke up this morning ready and raring to get stuck into my I want my bikini body workout. This was the first time I’ve done the new program and it was really good – as always. If you’re looking for a great program you can do at home with minimal equipment be sure to check it, and red carpet ready, out.

Workout complete I made a green smoothie. I forgot to take a photo but I’m pretty sure you know what it looked like :-).

Later I had the half of a breakfast cookie (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow), and then finished it off during the morning as I cleaned the kitchen.


Lunch was salad (surprise, surprise) with egg, pineapple, corn and hummus.


Despite getting hungry throughout the afternoon, I managed to survive by filling up on water and tea. So I really enjoyed my afternoon snack of tofu marinated in catsup manis with some leftover roast veggies. Yummo!!


I was still feeling a bit hungry and so had an apple and a cup of tea.


Our organic delivery arrived – it always looks so good.


I unpacked it and put everything away while making dinner. Tonight 2 soy BBQ sausages – can you believe there is 20gms of protein in those? – and some veggies. I forgo the potato since I’d had some this afternoon.


With all that protein I didn’t need anything more to eat but did enjoy another cup of tea before heading to bed.