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Kauai Day 6 – Hawaiian chocolate tour

Thankfully when I woke up this morning I was feeling SOOOO much better with just my normal fibro pain, which went away quickly after taking my pain meds. I enjoyed another sunrise from our apartment but I must say they haven’t been as spectacular as I had imagined. For breakfast today we enjoyed the frozen […]

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Saturday in the kitchen

I woke around 6.30am and thought about doing a workout. I debated with myself and was inspired by Lisa at Bike Bake Blog who not only exercises on cold Winter mornings – but leaves the house to do so. Finally I got into my exercise clothes and did my red carpet ready workout. Since I […]

Cold weather equals soup

Another slow morning. Drank tea while playing on the computer. Didn’t know what to have for breakfast. Eventually made myself a sandwich which¬† I ate in the car driving the girls to school. After the school run I visited the pet shop to buy Bailey a coat for night-time. He’s been getting cold and sleeping […]

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Bread filled Tuesday

I don’t mind the cold weather of Winter but boy do I find it hard to get going in the mornings – which you know if VERY unusual for me.I was going so slow this morning I even had a great deal of trouble deciding what I wanted for breakfast.¬† We were out of all […]

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