A big day of driving

I’d been awake during the night so didn’t wake up until almost 7am (a real sleep in for me). This meant I pretty much rolled out of the bed and into the shower (only stopping to take to pain meds). It was easy to get the car packed, and tea made. Since I was not yet ready for breakfast I just buttered the bread to take with us in the car.

Shortly before 9am we were back in Victoria and stopped in a  little town called Robinvale to charge. Where Kevin became a celebrity. While we were there a guy drove past and was quite excited to see us using the charger. Not long after a guy from the newspaper came by to get a photo and talk with Kevin. Then another guy came over and welcomed us to Robinvale. I’m thinking not too much happens in this town :-).

Once charged we headed onwards. I made Kevin a banana sandwich (but served like a sausage sizzle with the bread wrapped around the banana) and I just ate the (vegan) buttered bread.

At 11.30 we arrived into Hay. But when we got the car charging location there was a banner preventing us from entering. We stopped ,unsure of what to do since we really need to charge before continuing on, when a man came over and let us in, explaining there was going to be a town event on in the evening and they were using the small carport (hence they didn’t want anyone parking in there and hadn’t thought about the electric car charger being needed). He just told us to make sure to put up the banner when we let ourselves out.

Once charging we walked the block over to the Main Street. Hay actually has a real nice feel to it. And some beautiful old buildings. Will be adding this town to our list of places to come back to and visit more thoroughly. 

Unfortunately the place that was supposed to have vegan options didn’t have any. But the place next door had a vegetarian burger (that was most likely vegan0. I had that and really enjoyed it. Kevin had a toasted wrap.

You’ll never guess what happened next? We visited the IGA to pick up some things we needed for dinner. Then walked back to the car which had now finished charging.

Another few hours driving and we finally arrived in Wagga Wagga. This was our longest driving day (since the day we left) and Kevin was glad when we got to tonights accomodation. We are staying just out of town at Country Cottages. It’s in the country (as the name implies) and is nice and quite with a lovely outlook. The cabin itself is comfortable with everything you need.

After we unpacked (Kevin loved that the car is parked right beside the side entrance to the cottage), I went and put on a load of washing (there is a laundry shed right behind us) and later I was able to hang it out on a clothesline. Since the clothes were in the sun and it was a warm/hot afternoon and there was nice breeze, everything was dry in about 4 hours.

Dinner tonight was taco wraps.