Day 9 – A little peak at the Venetian

I was up before the sun again today. Feel like I’ve just got a head cold now.

While writing up yesterdays blog post I got to enjoy a very nice sunrise, even though it was just 2C outside !!! Glad I didn’t have to head outside too early!

There was no need to rush as we only planned to be out for a few hours – depending on how we were feeling. We even ate breakfast at the table today – first time all week. Kevin had the acai bowl I’d bought to have, while I really enjoyed the Amy’s tofu scramble (will definitely be having this again while we’re at Disney).

Shortly after 9.30am we headed downstairs and got an uber over to the Venetian (where Kevin’s conference was being (mainly) held). For the first time we had an uber driver who requested our bags we stowed in the boot. I thought this was very odd until we discovered he was a African American male. I suspected it was because of potential violence from passengers so asked him, and yep, it’s for his personal safety. Which is just so sad that someone has to consider this because of the colour of their skin. And the prevalence of guns in the country. As an Australian it’s very odd (and somewhat scary) to realize that some of the people around you would be carrying guns that you can not see.

It was nice to step back into the Venetian – it was the place we stayed when Kevin started coming to the AWS conference back in 2017. I’d also forgotten that the newer/better casinos have good ventilation and you can’t smell the cigarette smoke like we could at the Rio.

We headed to the AWS registration area so Kevin could register, even though he wasn’t attending any events, so he could pick up his swag. I felt bad for him because he’d been really looking forward to the conference and being here surrounded by people attending must have reminded him what he missed out on.

We then had a little wander around, stopping to take some photographs.

We briefly stopped into Sketchers and Tommy Bahamas but Kevin started to not feel so great so we gave up on shopping, and headed out onto the strip for a quick drop in to Walgreens.

It was really quiet out – Vegas must still be missing the international tourists. We walked around to the back of Harrah’s, where the nearest uber pick up was. Loved the little dog toilet area they have.

It took our Uber some time to find the right spot but eventually we were on our way to Target. We had a lovely driver and she was telling us how she was taking her 7 year old on a surprise trip to Disneyland for Christmas – all paid for with her Uber driving income.

We had planned to stop in at Starbucks for a drink and rest but there wasn’t one at this Target. It was also super quiet – not used to shopping in Target when it’s so quiet. We were definitely at one the locals shop at. Unfortunately Kevin started to feel very unwell again while we were here so we had to cut our visit a bit short. Not sure if it was still the effects of Covid or something else (he has a few undiagosed issues). We got checked out and waited outside for our uber. Kevin felt a good bit better after sitting outside in the fresh air for a bit.

We spent the afternoon back in our apartment. For lunch Kevin cooked us the Gardein Mandarin Chick’n, which is one of our fav meals.

We watched some youtube, did some reading, had a nice relaxing bath, and later watched Falling for Christmas. Not the best movie but it was okay. Kevin wasn’t feeling like dinner so I put together a little plate of nachos using corn chips, the vegan queso, and some diced tomato and greens.

We are both feeling a little frustrated at such a slow recovery. I’m mainly dealing with blocked, runny nose, which Kevin is still getting bad headaches and some body pains, along with a stuffy nose and sore throat. We both also got tired very quickly yesterday. It’s not looking too good for Universal but we had planned on a SLOW holiday anyway – we’ll just have to go even slower :-).

Day 8 – We’ve had enough of Covid

Not a lot to write about today as we yet again, stayed in. Though I’m now past my recommended quarantine time, Kevin wasn’t feeling too great and was very tired.

We started the day doing a covid test. Since I’m feeling pretty much back to “normal” I thought I would test negative but that wasn’t the case.

I did get up and dressed again as I am so sick of lying in bed (& also sitting on the couch).

Later in the afternoon Kevin & I watched some YouTube

before watching, which pretty good.

Hopefully tomorrow (for our second last day in Vegas) we’ll be able to venture out and see some of the sights. Then I’ve basically decided that it’s Holiday Take 2 on Saturday when we fly to Orlando.

As we were heading to bed I got to facetime with Christy and the pups. Christy was about to start packing as it’s almost time for her to fly over and join us.

Day 6 – Slowly getting better

I awoke this morning to finding myself pretty much to my normal fibro way. But poor Kevin was feeling worse and hadn’t slept very well. Sadly he had to cancel his AWS sessions for the day.

Kevin was kind enough to go downstairs to collect our Instacart order when it arrived, even though he was feeling worse than I was. I filmed what we got to share in the vlog. It was such an odd assortment and will really only keep up going a day or two. And I’m sure I ordered a bunch of bananas … must have been a bunch of one ??

I was pleased to find my appetite had returned to normal and I was able to enjoy some pita bread with vegan baby bell for breakfast. And while the baby bell looked like plastic it actually tasted very close to the dairy version.

Earlier I had put on some washing – not a lot as I’ve been living in one of my nighties. We get a good amount of sunshine in the window here so that was a great spot to dry the things I didn’t put in the dryer. It was so nice to just get dressed in proper clothes today, even though I wasn’t going anywhere.

Kevin slept for much of day. I alternated between sitting on the couch in the loungeroom and sitting in bed. I managed to edit the covid vlog – though realized the next day I totally forgot to review it before uploading it to YouTube. No big deal, but hope there was nothing major that should have been edited further.

Kevin requested the soup I’d bought for lunch today so I had my salad, which was nice – but an awful lot of spinach (definitely got my greens in today :-)).

I’m really enjoying the view from this room. And have spent quite a bit of time looking out, watching cars and the odd person, and all the helicopters going up down the strip (so many at sunset).

The sunset tonight was beautiful – especially with so many chemtrails in the sky.

Kevin wasn’t feeling particularly hungry at dinner so we just shared the sweet potato casserole that I had purchased. It was nice for a change. I didn’t bother with a photo as it did not look very appetizing :-).

We watched some YouTube before Kevin went back to sleep around 8.30pm. I then read for a couple of hours. Today definitely felt more of a fibro day for me – whether it was just a fibro flare from having covid or a normal fibro day I don’t know but I felt much more like myself on a not so great (fibro) day.

Day 5 – A change of “home”

While I’ve been feeling just that bit better each day, it has been a much slower process than I’d expected. Poor Kevin is still experiencing bad body pain and fatigue. Thankfully there was no problem to get a late check out. US$40 allowed us to stay until 4pm, when our room at the Wyndham Desert Blue would be available. Kevin is still sleeping a lot, so I spent most of the day reading, and even on my laptop . Still not much of an appetite – just 1/2 bagel for breakfast, then nothing else beside a banana.

The pups were getting groomed today so Christy facetimed with us when they were done. They look great. Much better than last time when they were clipped super short. Christy showed a photograph of what they normally look like post clip, which helped the groomer I’m sure.

About 3.30pm we started to pack up. It was pretty easy as we never fully unpacked in the first place (since I first felt unwell on our first day here). I must say it’s not been a fun time in Vegas so far…… So glad this was not our first visit.

We headed downstairs and opted to get a taxi instead of trekking over to where the uber pick up was. I knew the two places were close but I didn’t realize quite how close – in fact the Rio convention center carpark is right opposite the entrance to the Wyndham Desert Blue. Still, with our luggage and being sick a taxi was the best choice.

So happy to be back here again (such a shame we got mucked around with our first booking here). We love how nice and quiet it is, with no casino and no smoke, and absolutely NO LINE to check in !!

We got checked in and headed up to our room. We have a 2 bed presidential and it’s just lovely.

We are on the opposite side to our last stay and look over at Rio :-).

Kevin was feeling pretty bad again so lay down while I tried to do some unpacking. I didn’t get too far before we realized we should get some groceries ordered via instacart. Of course, that took way longer than expected as I’m not familiar with all the products AND there are so many vegan options. In the end I put together a rather odd order, but it took so long we decided to make the delivery for in the morning. This meant we still had to get in something for dinner. We decided on Chef Kenny’s Vegan again. Neither of us were hungry but I felt we should be trying to eat. I ordered a couple of appetizers to share. Fried dumplings, Edamame (which we didn’t end up eating) and lettuce wraps (which turned out to be what we’d call san choy bau). The dumplings were nice and the lettuce wraps perfect – lovely and fresh and light. I’d started dealing with an upset tummy so was hoping some proper food would help settle it down.

We watched some youtube in bed and I got some more unpacking done. Hopefully Kevin will feel a lot better in the morning so he can attend the AWS conference that we are here for…. (Spoiler – he felt worse).