Canteen dinner

Woke feeling good this morning. Got up ready to get dressed and workout – only to realize I didn’t feel so good after all. So no workout today. Instead I had a green smoothie while working on plans for our UK trip.


Since I wasn’t feeling I was planning an easy day with a quick trip to the shops for groceries. Instead I ended up at the school reorganising the uniform shop cupboards (which had been relocated) and lifting boxes!!!! Then I did my groceries and came home rather exhasted.

I was suprisingly feeling like food so made up some pita breads with spreadable cheese, tomato, cucumber and sprouts – YUM!!


I vegged out on the lounge in between putting the groceries away. Around 1pm I was hungry enough for lunch. An easy one today – leftover rissoto.


And a little while later…


Like yesterday I was feeling better as the day went along. When the girls got home I had some watermelon and kiwifruit – but the kiwifruit was too hard so I fed it to Bailey.


I also had some hummus and pita bread.


Still had some hummus left so grabbed a handful of tortilla chips.


We had to head out at 5.30pm to attend a High School Expo (the one Amy is very hopeful of getting into). No-one was yet ready to eat so we decided we’d buy something at the canteen (I’d checked out the menu and they had some reasonable vegetarian food). I ended up getting a veggie burger.


It was quite nice but seemed to just sit in my stomach – I assume because of the white bread. When we got home an hour later I was still feeling ick and wanted ice-cream. Why is that stodge and ice-cream go together? I always want it after Chinese as well! Instead of ice-cream I had a Billabong (which is pretty low fat/sugar).


I actually struggled to finish it and don’t really know I enjoyed it but I was feeling better afterwards!

Funny food Friday

Today I bounded out of bed ready to tackle another I want my bikini body workout. Good stuff indeed. Then it was time for a green smoothie.


It was a hectic morning as we all had to be out the door at 8.30am so breakfast was packed to eat in the car. I had a small multigrain sandwich with spreadable cheese, tomato and cucumber.


If you want to read about my crazy be sure to visit my main blog.

My morning snack with a few corn thins with cottage cheese. I didn’t end up eating the banana.


I bought a skim iced choc and salad for lunch but I didn’t end up eating the salad. Strangely enough I really didn’t feel much like eating today. Shock horror!!


I think my chickens enjoyed the salad though :-).


My afternoon snack was another green smoothie.


For tonights dinner guests I served some nibbles. I had mainly hummus and vegetables, plus a few tortilla chips and a few pieces of cheese.



Dinner was a BBQ with baked potatoes, sweet potatoe, pineapple, onion and my new favourite salad.

My selection…


I really didn’t feel much like desert (apple crumble) but since Amy had made it I felt I should have some. It was yummy and I ate about 3/4.



Lastly I served tea and coffee and a platter with some bicuits, dark and milk chocolate and some fudge (bought from the farm last weekend). I had a tea and minute piece of fudge – with was so very yummy.

Out and about

I was woken up early this morning by Bailey being sick. Eventually at 5.30am I gave up on going back to sleep and got out of bed. Of course with him not feeling well a walk was out of the question. This plan to walk every day is NOT working out very well. Started the day with a cup of tea and chocolate muffin.


After dropping Amy at AG I headed off into town for some shopping. Before heading home at 11.30am I got an iced chocolate from Gloria Jeans as I was rather hungry (not suprising when I didn’t have a proper breakfast).


I also picked up this parcel which I was very excited to recieve. So fun to have leftovers in….


I even used it for afternoon tea as well…


While Christy was having her singing lesson Amy and I went to a coffee shop. I had a tea and a mouthful of Amy’s lemon tart – but it was too sweet for me.


Dinner was an easy one tonight – potato gnocchi with cheese sauce.



Let the food blog begin

I have decided to take the plunge in the wonderful world of health food blogging. I get so much out of the blogs that I read that I thought creating my own might help keep me a bit more accountable about what I eat, and maybe even, provide some ideas for my readers – esp, those in Australia, as I am yet to find many Aussie health food blogs (if anyone knows of any PLEASE let me know).

And so…on to our first day. Now is there are a better way than to start the day than with a green smoothie blended in my BRAND NEW Vitamix.


The morning was spent doing jobs around the house and decluttering stuff in my scrapbook room. Mid-morning I had a cup of tea and a handful of …..healthy handfuls. Yes, I know these are made for kids – but I just LOVE them.


It was such a beautiful Autumn day and both girls were out playing with friends so I decided to take my lunch outside.


Most warmer days I have a salad  made up of greens, cucumber, tomato, pineapple- todays was topped with marinated tofu & a squirt of mayonnaise. Delicious. Both the weather and the food.



My lunch partner…


Around an hour after lunch I like to have a cup of tea and usually something sweet. I debated having two biscuits…


But was really feeling like more crunching so swapped for some cruskits with spreadable cheese…


But I have confess… I did go back for those biscuits later. I also drank many more cups of tea throughout day – rather neglecting my water today :-(.

Around 4pm I was peckish again so had some crackers topped with Camembert cheese – yummo!


Tonights dinner was made up of leftovers – with the addition of some vegetables – as it was just 3 of tonight (Amy was at a sleepover).


Dessert was custard – something I haven’t had in months – as I know it’s not the healthiest. I really felt like some raisin toast but we didn’t have any – guess what I’ll be buying tomorrow :-).