An orange kind of Monday

Woke up around 6.30am with a sore throat and achy head. I still got up and dressed but instead of doing my normal workout I opted to do Val’s SAS-E workout. I did 2 sets of 2 different workout and funnily enough I felt quite good once I got started.

Post workout I had one egg – scrambled – and an orange (to boost my vitamin C levels).


Once the girls headed to school I showered, had a cup of tea and got on with cleaning the house.

Mid-morning I had some corn thins with hummus and a sprinkling of cheese. Would have been satisifed with 2 but ate the 4 I had prepared.


No salad for lunch today – as it’s finally turned cold. Instead I had red quinoa, tofu and some pineapple (leftover from the BBQ the other night) – served in an orange bowl. It was very yummy.


When Amy came from school I had some orange coloured pumpkin soup and later a nut bar. Started feeling worse as the afternoon wore on :-(.


Amy made a granola bar so while I was chopping up almonds I decided to make a breakfast cookie for tomorrows breakfast…served on an orange lid. And into the fridge it goes.


I was feeling like something but not really sure what. I was cold. My head and body hurt. I opted for a choc nut bar and cup of tea.


Amy was nice enough to make dinner tonight. She made a delicious frittata with fresh from our chicken eggs, sweet potato, corn and cheese.


I ummed and ahhed about going to tonights school P&C meeting but decided I should go (since we’ll be overseas when the next two are on). Unfortunately it was longer meeting so I was really flagging by the time I got home. Instead of my normal tea I decided to have a hot chocolate – made with low fat organic milk and some organic hot choc. mix. I heated the milk in the coffee thing so it went lovely and frothy. Total indulgence and totally hit the spot. Nothing like a bit of comfort food when you’re feeling poorly.