Another good nights sleep. Woke just after 7am. Still a bit tired and groggy but almost back to normal.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast and in fact, didn’t have it until 9am after I’d driven the girls to school (in my PJs since it started raining at the last minute). In the end I decided on a repeat of yesterdays lunch – pita bread with cheese, tomato and sprouts.


Since I’d had a late breakfast I didn’t both with a morning snack. I unpacked the rest of the suitcases and now just have to sort out my souveniers. Before lunch I took the dogs on a walk. Felt good to be out moving again after two days indoors. We left in sunshine and while out saw a rainbow over the lake. Made it back before the rain came which was good. I then made a much longed for salad for lunch – starring the leftover roast veggies heated up. Yum!


I had to smile when I looked out the loungeroom window as I was eating lunch.


Afternoon snack was a banana while Amy was at singing lessons. I took a photo with my phone but the computer is FULL and won’t let me download any more photos (I’m using my laptop to get ones off my camera)

I was starving when we got home so had a couple of cruskits with spreadable cheese while we waited for Kevin to come from work.

Dinner was an easy one tonight – falafel wraps. Sorry about the photo – I’d already eaten half before I remembered to take a photo :-).


And tonights treat bought back from the UK. LOVE these – good thing I can’t buy them here 🙂


Tomorrow I plan to make some oatmeal cookies and hummus!

Missing workouts

I’m really missing my morning workouts but it’s just too darn cold. And this morning I was up from around 12.30 – 3.30am!!!! If I wasn’t trying to get so much done before our trip I’d go to the gym (or do my workout at home) after the girls leave for school.

I’ve been really struggling with what to have for breakfast lately. But today I knew just what to have. Banana on toast.


Once I finally got going this morning I decided to do a detailed clean of the dining and loungeroom. I moved stuff from either side of the buffet and sorted out our jigsaw puzzles (some of which were on the floor, some where in the cupboard)


Then I rearranged, very slightly, the loungeroom – bringing in a table that was being used in the family room





I think it looks a lot better and it tidied up all the cords (from laptops) that you could see from the front entry.


I was pretty tired after this, so I did get in a workout of sorts. I even cleaned all the skirting boards and window tracks – ick!!!

Lunch was salad with falafel. I’m sure one day I’ll get sick of this basic salad.


Vegged out this afternoon. My snack was camembert on crackers.


Amy decided to skip drama lessons today as they are working on a presentation (which will be when we’re away). I had planned a VERY easy dinner of rissoto. Such a basic recipe I got from an old friend just after we were married – so it would be from 1983!! It just aborio rice cooked in (vegetarian) chicken stock. She topped it with camembert but since I had some this afternoon I just used cheddar cheese. And since I only had a small portion of aborio rice I used some brown rice as well and it seemed to turn out just fine.


Since dinner was such a small portion tonight we had some desert a little later on.


Sweet Saturday

So glad I’m almost 100% again – just have a runny nose and a bit of a cough. Got up just before 7am and headed to the gym for a cardio workout. Did 20mins on the elliptical and 10min on the bike. Came home and had some cruskits with spreadable cheese.


A few hours later I made some breakfast. Today we (well Kevin and I) had scrambled eggs, baked beans and mushrooms.



We had been going to go on an adventure walk today but the girls were bickering so we decided not to bother. Instead we had a day at home – and I pretty much finished off plans for our trip.

The others had a jaffle for lunch but I opted for a salad with falafel and hummus.


I definitely had a case of the muchies with afternoon/evening :-(.



Dinner was Sweet Bean Burritos. Yum!



More snacking…



and at least two or three of these…


A new week has begun…

It’s a new week and I’m ready to get back on the healthy eating wagon. Started the day with a lovely walk by the lake and a green smoothie.


Then it was on with cleaning the house and a yummy falafel salad for lunch.


Afternoon tea was some tiny teddies I found while cleaning out the kitchen :-(.

Dinner was a burritos made with TVP, cheese and tomato. And don’t you just love how bright tonights photo is? Kevin got me a new camera – isn’t he a sweetie! I can’t believe how much better it is.


And supper…the last of the ice cream (no more until we’re back from the UK) and a choc strawberry bought yesterday.



I’m all geared up and ready to get back on track with the Red Carpet Ready program. Which means no cakes, cookies, lollies, ice cream and only the occasional dark chocolate until we leave for the UK in 5.5 weeks. It’s crunch time!