Exploring Arkaba : 11th December, 2021

I had a bit of slow start to the day. Kevin headed off to do some more work. I read for a bit before getting ready and heading up for breakfast. Kevin joined us and we enjoyed our meal with a different view today. I had bircher muesli and some berries, followed by mushrooms on toast. ALL of it was amazing.

We then head out in the truck again (well except for Kevin who had more work to do). We explored a different area today.  I really enjoyed the dry river bed with the gum trees.

And of course, the stunning view of the ridge (edge of Wilpena Pound) showing the clear levels of soil.

We saw lots of kangaroos hanging out in the shade – though they all took off when they saw or heard us coming. Also quite a variety of birds and plants

We stopped for morning tea down by a water hole (which used to be the aboriginal womens watering hole). There were lots of dragon flies.

Again, it was a very elegant affair. I wasn’t really in the mood for a chocolate muffin but felt I needed to have it since it was made especially for me. Luckily it was light and fluffy and rather delicious.

We arrived back about 1.15pm.

Lunch was supposed to be at 2.30pm but it was after 3pm before we ate. Kevin was late so the chef might have been waiting for him (or she might have just been swamped since she’s just on her own when there is supposed to 3 of them).

Then it was back out in the truck for more exploring. Luckily Kevin had finished most of his work and was able to come with us. 

This time we drove out to the old wool shed (Arkaba used to be a sheep station). The shed was built around 1840 so was a pretty fascinating place and pretty cool to explore and photograph it.

We also got to try a wild berry – which was pretty delicious.

Kevin spotted an emu up on the Ridgeline which was pretty cool. 

At 6.30pm we stopped for appetifs (??) with yet another awesome view – I mean I don’t think there is anywhere on this property that doesn’t have a nice view. As expected the food was amazing. I think I had 3 !!

From here Greg & Alice walked back to the lodge while we rode with the guide in training. She stopped a number of times to give us some info. We also saw more emus and found a bee hive (just like the one Winnie the Pooh likes to steal honey from). Kevin also chatted books with her recommending a few of his favourites on evolution.

We were back abut 8pm, not long before the walkers. Since dinner wasn’t until 8.30pm Kevin went to fly the drone while I sat outside for a bit with a cup tea and enjoying the sunset.

Dinner ended up being quite late (speaking the chef later she did not know we were there and waiting – no-one had told her). I had a tofu for an entree (the others had blue fin tuna) and I had celeriac root with other veg for dinner (the others had duck). Everyone seems to love what they had. I didn’t have dessert since it was so late (almost 10pm) the others had stewed pear.

Another fabulous day. I can’t believe we’ve only been here for 1.5 days. Back in our room I read for a bit before going to sleep.