Another day on an Australian safari

Not sure how or why but I was up early at 5.30am so I able to see some of the sunrise. I got go back to bed and read. Of course, I did fall back asleep again and didn’t wake until 8am. Which meant a quick shower and get dressed ready to meet and head off in the truck at 8.30am.

Yet another stunning day out around the property. We saw plenty of kangaroos, parrots, 3 wedge tail eagles, other smaller birds and, of course, more of the stunning scenery. I wasn’t feeling the best on the drive this morning, not sure if was because I hadn’t even had a cup of tea or just fibro related IBS.

Finally we stopped for morning tea (not quite sure why breakfast wasn’t first) and another pretty location. But there were quite a few flies around today (as you can see by Greg & Alice modelling their fly nets.

There wasn’t enough English Breakfast tea bags so I had a green jasmine tea – probably not the best choice since there was no vegan food (the others had a cookie) and I had NOTHING in my bag.

Patty picked up a blue tongue lizard that he spotted which was cool to see up close. We used to have them in our garden in Figtree but it’s quite some time since I saw one.

One part of the drive was a bit sketchy as we tried to get up a rather rocky path with a pretty steep cliff on one side. It took a few goes and engaging the hub locks before we made it up.

Finally at 11.30 breakfast was served – I had thankfully started to feel better. I had bircher muesli and some berries. The others also had a quiche.

We arrived back not long after 12pm and had a free afternoon ahead. I worked on a blog post and Kevin did some more work until lunch at 1.30.

Today with it being quite a bit warmer and more flies about, we had lunch indoors. There are so many lovely places to eat in this place – both inside and out.

Lunch today was a soba noodle salad for me and green curry & rice for the others. With some fresh fruit for dessert. There was some good conversation and we didn’t leave lunch until 3.30pm.

Kevin had a little more work to do, which he did while I worked on some blog posts, then we went up to have a swim in the pool.

The pool temp was lovely (though Kevin complained it was too cold until he got in) but there were a lot of wasps hovering over the water – which meant we didn’t use much of the pool. Luckily they didn’t try to land on us or anything. Kevin did manage to rescue 5 bees.

We only stayed in the pool for about 10mins because of the wasps, then sat on the sun lounges (which were nicely in the shade) and enjoyed the view for a bit before heading back to our room.

I finally caught up on writing blog posts before we went up to dinner at 6.30pm. Tonight we were back in the cool (& away from the flies) in the main house. Patty joined us again this evening.

Dinner was wonderful. Tonight I just had veggies, the roast potatoes being especially good. The rest also had salmon & kangaroo. There was lemon cake for my desert and white chocolate mud cake for the others.

After dinner we headed back out in the truck. We spotted lots of kangaroos our this evening.

Up on the hill we had post dinner drinks – just water for Kevin & myself and watched the day come to a close. Kevin flew the drone and got some very cool photos and video. We watched the stars come out again before heading back to the homestead.

I got a cup of tea, then it was off to bed to read for a bit before going to sleep.