Terrific Thursday

Woke up this morning feeling very much like my normal self (but with a runny nose and croaky voice). I was going to take the dogs on a walk but then thought I could take them on walk after dropping the girls at school. Much better than braving the cold morning air.

I went downstairs for a cup of tea, showered, dressed and had some breakfast. I finally got around to eating 1/2 of the breakfast cookie I made the other day. It was a little on the dry side but still okay.


I got my bag all packed with water for both myself and the dogs… and I threw in a nut bar just in case.


We had a fantastic walk, which you can read all about here. It took us about an hour and ten minutes and I was exhausted and happy at the end. Will definitely do this again.

Came home and enjoyed a green smoothie.


I then got busy in the kitchen – making potato and leek soup, zucchini slice (for tonights dinner) and some of Angela’s Tropical Muffins.

Lunch was the last of the Mushroom Rissoto.


Had an easy afternoon. Enjoyed some soup for afternoon tea.


Followed by the last of the oatmeal cookies.


and a handful of tiny teddies…


The girls had singing lessons this afternoon. I wanted something when I was out but knew dinner was ready when we got home. Just had to prep some veggies.


Supper was, predictably, a tropical muffin. Oh, and a smidge of lemon fudge.



Canteen dinner

Woke feeling good this morning. Got up ready to get dressed and workout – only to realize I didn’t feel so good after all. So no workout today. Instead I had a green smoothie while working on plans for our UK trip.


Since I wasn’t feeling I was planning an easy day with a quick trip to the shops for groceries. Instead I ended up at the school reorganising the uniform shop cupboards (which had been relocated) and lifting boxes!!!! Then I did my groceries and came home rather exhasted.

I was suprisingly feeling like food so made up some pita breads with spreadable cheese, tomato, cucumber and sprouts – YUM!!


I vegged out on the lounge in between putting the groceries away. Around 1pm I was hungry enough for lunch. An easy one today – leftover rissoto.


And a little while later…


Like yesterday I was feeling better as the day went along. When the girls got home I had some watermelon and kiwifruit – but the kiwifruit was too hard so I fed it to Bailey.


I also had some hummus and pita bread.


Still had some hummus left so grabbed a handful of tortilla chips.


We had to head out at 5.30pm to attend a High School Expo (the one Amy is very hopeful of getting into). No-one was yet ready to eat so we decided we’d buy something at the canteen (I’d checked out the menu and they had some reasonable vegetarian food). I ended up getting a veggie burger.


It was quite nice but seemed to just sit in my stomach – I assume because of the white bread. When we got home an hour later I was still feeling ick and wanted ice-cream. Why is that stodge and ice-cream go together? I always want it after Chinese as well! Instead of ice-cream I had a Billabong (which is pretty low fat/sugar).


I actually struggled to finish it and don’t really know I enjoyed it but I was feeling better afterwards!

Feeling blah

I still felt very blah when I woke up this morning so reluctantly I gave any up on any thoughts of an early morning walk. Instead I cuddled with my pup, eventually getting up for a cup of tea, some cruskits with spreadable cheese and my laptop.


We were able to have a slow morning as the girls had a 10.15am doctors appointment and didn’t have to race off to school. I had the breakfast cookie in the fridge ready to eat but I wasn’t feeling it this morning. Luckily Kevin had been given some garden fresh spinach so I was able to make a nutritious green smoothie.



Eventually we had to leave for the girls appointment for swine flu vaccination. I had to resort to bribing Christy with a chocolate if she had the needle so we had to visit the chemist. It was here I spotted some m&ms – which I had been craving since seeing them on someones blog. I bought some to enjoy later :-).

I dropped the girls off at school and happily headed home. I did a few necessary chores and made some oatmeal raisin cookies. I have a sneaking¬† suspicion Tina is also responsible for the m&m’s.While they were cooking I had a banana.


Yes, I know it looks rather brown and past its best but these organic banana are still always great on the inside.


Eventually I felt like some lunch. I wanted something super nutritious (to help fight this cold) and had been seeing roast brocolli all over the health food blogs so decided to try some today. I popped the brocolli and some brown rice bites in the oven. When they were cooked I microwaved some leftover quinoa and some snow peas. Served with some organic BBQ sauce. Yummy!!!



Oh, and the cookies turned out great. I sampled one to see what it was like – oh, boy, they are good!


The rest of the afternoon was spent on the lounge with my laptop and a box of tissues. Kevin also ended up at home early as he’s suffering with the “man flu”. This, of course, meant I had to share my m&ms – which is probably a good thing.



When the girls got home from school I sat with Amy and had some afternoon tea – mountain bread with hummus, grated cheese, grated carrot and home-grown sprouts.


While putting away Christy’s hi-fibre (white) bread the end piece proved too tempted and I enjoyed it with a bit of butter.


Dinner tonight was Mushroom Risotto – comfort food with plenty of nutritious veg. It’s old, old recipe (I think from Weight Watchers) but it’s been some time since I made it. You can find the recipe here.


I finished the night with a cup of tea and an oatmeal cookie. I feel better tonight so I’m hoping to be back to normal in the morning.

An orange kind of Monday

Woke up around 6.30am with a sore throat and achy head. I still got up and dressed but instead of doing my normal workout I opted to do Val’s SAS-E workout. I did 2 sets of 2 different workout and funnily enough I felt quite good once I got started.

Post workout I had one egg – scrambled – and an orange (to boost my vitamin C levels).


Once the girls headed to school I showered, had a cup of tea and got on with cleaning the house.

Mid-morning I had some corn thins with hummus and a sprinkling of cheese. Would have been satisifed with 2 but ate the 4 I had prepared.


No salad for lunch today – as it’s finally turned cold. Instead I had red quinoa, tofu and some pineapple (leftover from the BBQ the other night) – served in an orange bowl. It was very yummy.


When Amy came from school I had some orange coloured pumpkin soup and later a nut bar. Started feeling worse as the afternoon wore on :-(.


Amy made a granola bar so while I was chopping up almonds I decided to make a breakfast cookie for tomorrows breakfast…served on an orange lid. And into the fridge it goes.


I was feeling like something but not really sure what. I was cold. My head and body hurt. I opted for a choc nut bar and cup of tea.


Amy was nice enough to make dinner tonight. She made a delicious frittata with fresh from our chicken eggs, sweet potato, corn and cheese.


I ummed and ahhed about going to tonights school P&C meeting but decided I should go (since we’ll be overseas when the next two are on). Unfortunately it was longer meeting so I was really flagging by the time I got home. Instead of my normal tea I decided to have a hot chocolate – made with low fat organic milk and some organic hot choc. mix. I heated the milk in the coffee thing so it went lovely and frothy. Total indulgence and totally hit the spot. Nothing like a bit of comfort food when you’re feeling poorly.