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Kauai Day 9 – Best of both worlds garden tour

I am going to miss these magical starts to the day. Today we had a very relaxed morning, as the tour we were doing had been pushed back until 12pm, which meant we didn’t leave until 11am. On the way we passed by this protest. Seems such a giant step backwards that Americans have to […]

Kauai Day 8 – Driving to Waimea Canyon

I do hope you aren’t getting sick of all the photos, especially since there are a whole lot more today. I really am just sharing the best of the best. It’s not my fault that Kauai is so beautiful. Today we headed off before breakfast. Stopping at the Kauai Bakery to get some of their […]

Kauai Day 7 – Flying over Kauai & visiting the South Shore

Today started with one of the best sunrises we’ve had so far. My morning routine is pretty well established at this point. Go out on the lanai, take a photo and start a time lapse, put the kettle on, take my pain meds, make my cup of tea and enjoy while working on the previous […]

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Kauai Day 6 – Hawaiian chocolate tour

Thankfully when I woke up this morning I was feeling SOOOO much better with just my normal fibro pain, which went away quickly after taking my pain meds. I enjoyed another sunrise from our apartment but I must say they haven’t been as spectacular as I had imagined. For breakfast today we enjoyed the frozen […]

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